The Fuck Awakens: (Professionally Voiced)

Scenes The Fuck Awakens: (Professionally Voiced) 0.98.9

What is The Fuck Awakens?

A Fully-voiced multi-position immersive scene with spoken dialogue by a hot British VA driven by some in-house scripting AI. Dialogue is configurable, semi-random, and event-driven. Sex motion is configurable but slightly randomized. Atmosphere, rain, SFX, and romantic-ass lighting. Clothing outfits. 3 environments and dozens of character customization buttons. The free version is a subset of all the positions and activities you can do with the character in the extended cut.

Remember to install all required packages (included), replace the generic look via appearance preset (PROVIDED LOOK IS A GENERIC PLACEHOLDER)


To Prevent Confusion with any persons real or fictional, the provided look is GENERIC and contains very few face morphs and no textures. For those inquiring, this is not intended to be a star wars story, but you're welcome to substitute your own characters from franchises like star wars. PLEASE CUSTOMIZE/OVERWRITE THE LOOK TO YOUR OWN FANTASY. ALL other content is provided like audio, outfit, and accessories but you will have to provide your own look to adapt to your fantasy. It's EASY to load one however, simply download a hot look, say from Vecterror, and go to load appearance preset to replace our generic girl.

Seriously - just search for 'Vecterror' and you'll find plenty of great looks for this role. There are other suggestions in the download itself that are PERFECT.


Our hot british voice actress has recorded over 40 minutes of audio for The Fuck Awakens projects, samples below.

Note: The free version has only a subset of the full versions's instant-position swapping scenes (namely hand stuff). If you like it....Get the full version here:

Note: Some Users in Russia have reported they have had trouble downloading this. It is an issue with Patreon/MEGA and not VAM or me. This content is free. Be sure to paste in the decryption key into the link before downloading.

The lite version has limited positions and only about 80 voice clips, but the full version has several hundred more audio clips! thanks! Your generosity helps feed our voice actresses :). Below you will find clips/media from both.

This scene also features zero-load position swapping (no sound). Her dialogue changes dynamically with the situation. (no sounds on this video)

(NEW in FA 97.2 - overhauled UI with TONS of customizability [Girl here is from NT scene])



Scripting grows more advanced each week, with advanced options like personalities and positional audio:

(this is mostly controlled for you)


attach four.png

A Fully Voiced and Lip-Synced Choose Your Own Adventure with a Sexy Generic 25 year old Space Warrior named Mary Starthunder. She fights with an energy staff and has a tight, toned body. And she's determined to train you to be the finest warrior in the galaxy...whatever it takes.


The scenes are mostly short loops with some advanced scripting and some great dialogue. Not a TON there but it will be continuously improved like our other scenes in the coming months. Do not expect very much complex animation, this is primarily an audio/scripting project.

Simple Animations, dialogue, scripting, clothing are all provided. There is some custom scripting to add some intelligent moaning to the experience.

attach 5.png

The final 1.0 release will be out for free.

SOME ENDORSEMENTS (see attached):

View attachment 36729

We regularly update characters with new dialogue/dirty talk/moaning.

Features List: (updated)

- Several minutes of both scripted and randomized audio.
- Dynamic Dialogue Trees: She responds with different audio to your different prompts, and your questions and responses affect things like her breathing rate, arousal, and amicability. (this is still pretty primitive) [coming soon]
- Fully voiced and lip synced.
- Dynamic moaning system for randomized audio: Audio selections and clips reflect the intensity of the situation and her general arousal

For Example, when sex intensity is high (it climbs automatically slowly) she is more likely to request you cum inside her, and her breathing will noticeably get faster and louder.

- Some 2021 enhancements to the moaning system prefix bj lines with slurping sounds automatically to add much more variety, and, for example, certain audio only plays for certain positions (on top/from behind/etc)
-Pixel lights move around automatically on scene change and a minimum number are used for best performance
- Full UI that allows in-game ajustment of how talkative and aroused she is
- Several scenes and positions (these are mostly simple loops with some primitive animations - I am not an detailed animator)
- Custom commissioned clothes included.
- Over 200 265 300 audio clips for this character alone and growing!
- Frequent updates
- In-game speed controls
- A handful of Idle and erotic animations
- Environment rain and sound effects
- Sex impact sounds and breathing, gaze, all that good stuff
- Primitive Multiverse functionality - in the near future you can swap between parodies instantly with low load times, future projects like the upcoming Queens of Easteros will be built on the same foundation.


Terms of use : Do not use my scripts or audio in any scenes you distribute. Thank you.


This is very much a work in progress - expect bugs and jankiness that will be resolved with each pass.

A small fraction of people have reported characters freezing in a handful of scenes but they are in the minority - seems to be a plugin conflict that happens for some folks, hoping to track it down. Please try the free version and if you get that working the full version will also work great for you.

Every attempt was made to only include free unlicensed third party resources, but if you have any issue with your clothing, texture, morph, or hair asset being used, please PM and it will be removed. Thanks.

One exception: AnythingFashionVR's Desert Outfit / White Hooded outfit was commissioned directly for this project.

Special thanks also to AdamAnt, Ashauryn, and others.


Hey guys thanks again for checking out this scene. I'm an 80s kid, fantasy/sci-fi nerd at heart and love movies like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and The Matrix. Working on VAM fantasies has been a rey of light in my otherwise ho-hum life, so I appreciate all the feedback. Love you guys!


Please do not use my scripts or my audio. Feel free to jack the poses or environment if you want.
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This man knows his business :)
thank you sir, sorry for the earlier confusion, glad you got it working!
It won't show up in my library
hey tomatoboy - this is not a var file, it's instead a collection of folders, be sure to paste them in the same directory structure as VAM and look in saves->scene
Back up your files before overwriting. Either this will work for you, or put you through some frustration that affects your other scenes
Backup your files before you overwrite them with this! Animations break for your other scenes. The issue is the modified AdamAnt lypsync, which you have to redownload and overwrite to fix. Looks like some of the expressions in my other scenes have changed as well as a result of overwriting. I see there may have been mods to other authors stuff, silver expressions etc. that has resulted in the changes? aggrevating to run down the fix for this.
I'm sorry you're having this issue, but all of this was clearly documented in the sticky thread. It's just one file causing this issue for some folks. lipsync is a fork of AA lipsync. So if you use one or the other you're good, but not both. I think this is a bug in how VAM caches scripts, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, THIS HAS BEEN FIXED IN v91, which instead references AA as a dependency instead for people who have both installed.
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