1. Spacedog

    Paid Scenes Heavy Petting plus Bonus Scene 2023-01-24

    The full Heavy Petting scene plus an exclusive Bonus Scene for Supporter tier and above. Tetsuo wakes up super horny so he and Lia devise a way to have sex on the back seat without getting caught. Heavy Petting trailer
  2. - Second Look - Second Look

    This is from the photoshoot I did in my Second Look release
  3. - First Look - First Look

    This was the very first customized look I began with here on VAM for the M1NA episodes so I just released it for download.
  4. M1NAai

    Looks - First Look 1

    In Episode 007 of, she is dosed and ends up in a world she's never seen before. She is confused and trying to understand what just happened to her. She sees herself floating in space and begins having other trippy moments in Episode 008. She is still going through her metamorphosis stage...
  5. M1NAai.Bats.jpg


    From my first scene release :)
  6. M1NAai

    Scenes M1NAai - Bats 2

    This is a first look release for During Episode 007 M1NA gets dosed and goes into a crazy trip where she envisions herself in a whole different world. She sees herself in weird situations but everything looks different than it ever has for her. This is her first time seeing this...
  7. CheersMate

    Scenes Harry Nelson and the Sorcerer's Bone DAY7 0.5

    SCENES 1 & 2 OF THE EPIC FINALE (Think of it like the movies: they split book 7 into 2 parts so I can too) SCENE 2: BATTLE - VR or NOW WITH DESKTOP SUPPORT!!! Battle Scene 2: Desktop: Control Right Hand shield with arrow keys 1st person (Embody) 3rd person (option to make head invisible if...
  8. hazmhox

    Plugins VAMStory 15

    How to use Open or create a scene. Create a new empty atom Select the empty atom and go in the plugin tab Add one of the plugins from VAMStoryto the atom using: vamstory.cslist ( story and dialogs ) vamstory_actions.cslist ( button, toggle and slider panels/walls ) vamstory_director.cslist (...
  9. virtualharem34

    Paid Scenes Golden Ticket (British Babe) Extended Cut: Pro-Voiced with 35+ mins of audio 0.4

    Nestled high in the mountains, you answer a one of a kind invitation for a getaway with that one classy movie star you've always had a crush on, a generic posh british babe named Elliaria Incognito. Her identity may be a mystery (and is up to you -To Prevent Confusion with any persons real or...
  10. pogdaddy

    Paid Looks Arianny - Elf Clubgoer (2 in 1!) 1

    Character Backstory: Arianny is part of a new collective of elves that have revealed themselves to the world. Quick to fit in, Arianny made fast efforts to be as appealing as possible to the males of the human species. For you see, these particular elves can only mate with humans. They appear...
  11. CheersMate

    Scenes Harry Nelson and the Sorcerer's Bone DAY6 3

    Story: It's the final day before graduation. Harry has been enjoying his new powers, including a new one he acquired just today to magically affect the lighting in the room. It appears to be a trick sex wizards use to get in the mood. The headmaster has just asked Harry to meet him in the old...
  12. CheersMate

    Scenes Harry Nelson and the Sorcerer's Bone DAY5 2

    Story: The previous night's encounter with the snake lady left Harry completely drained. After sleeping until the afternoon he finally got out of bed only to discover he now has the ability to freeze time. He spent the rest of the afternoon playing with his new power before going to meet Selene...
  13. VirtAmateur

    Paid Scenes Punish Me 2

    Includes appearance preset and scene. It combines timeline animation and mocap for some spanking and sex action. Look: Screenshots: Credits: Emotion morphs by AshAuryn References packages by these amazing creators: AcidBubbles
  14. everlaster

    Paid Scenes Eva: Containment 2

    You are tasked with evaluating the suitability of Eva, an advanced android, for the next phase in Project Venus. Your decisions today may change the course of history. Eva: Containment Eva: Containment is a short but packed scene with with scripted intro and outro sequences backed by story...
  15. CheersMate

    Scenes Harry Nelson and the Sorcerer's Bone Day 4 3

    Story: After 3 epic days of incredible sex it looks like the streak might come to an end until Harry returns from dinner to find a package on his bed with some gillyweed and a note asking him to meet an admirer at the bottom of the lake at midnight. He's a little weary, but decides to check it...
  16. CheersMate

    Scenes Harry Nelson and the Sorcerer's Bone DAY3 4

    Day 3 - After a night of dreaming about cats, Harry is meeting Selene back in her room. She'll probably make him clean it. Backstory: Selene has invited Harry back to her room, apparently to apologize. But, he's hoping that somehow they pick up where they left off before all that Nargle...
  17. CheersMate

    Scenes Harry Nelson and the Sorcerer's Bone DAY2 3

    BACKSTORY: After the events of yesterday, young Harry is still in a daze when he's summoned to Mrs Peterson's classroom. He thinks he might be in trouble. Maybe Winny turned him in for spying or maybe from the fact that Selene told the whole school about how much fun she had yesterday. Either...
  18. Spacedog

    Scenes The Cult 2022-10-31

    What do the super wealthy elites get up to behind closed doors? A Hammer Horror inspired story of sex and satanism in the upper echelons of society. Featuring: 7 scenes of debauchery Two endings Custom dynamic soundtrack and VFX by @hazmhox Enjoy! Spacedog
  19. Bob Nothing

    Other Succubus Universe Teaser Trailer 1.1

    TLDR – I think VAM can be used as a story telling tool, as in actually create original content that could be shared publicly, outside the platform, aka, YouTube, etc. Essentially taking the every day Joe competing with Hollywood to the next level. (Also, the Boys Season 3 teaser was my...
  20. PetaZwega

    Scenes Eye Contact on the Orient Express 1.1

    Tickets please! With this release I tried some stuff using the LookAtTrigger, so I hope you're ready for some one on one eye contact action with Mackenzie. Don't look away O.O! But don't get caught staring at that cleavage either, you might get thrown off the train... Included is a big...
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