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A plugin allowing you to create fade in, fade out, subtitles and text on the main camera.


I wanted to release something for halloween, but I had so much work to make it perfect that I think I'll release it later... it has everything! A scary clone, new hero powers and poses, but well hey... I prefer to do the things right.

Talking about doing things right... let's talk about VAMOverlays. This is what I'm releasing for your halloween.

VAMOverlays is a plugin that will allow you to control fade in, fade out, subtitles, texts displayed on the main camera. You can configure the color of the fade, the speed, if it happens at the start of the scene or not... And for the subtitles, color, font, size, position...

It works on desktop and VR... but I need your feedback on the VR part. So if you want some improvements for the VR part (because of the potential differences between headsets), and you have some feedback to give me. Feel free to join the discussion on this plugin.

The var file called hazmhox.vamoverlays-demos.1.var is not mandatory. But it contains some advanced demos scripted on the main timeline of VAM. It is nice to discover the possibilities offered by the plugin and can be removed afterwards. The main timeline is not the only way to make it work. Everything that has actions will work ( Timeline, LogicBricks, buttons... ).

The demos can help you to understand the plugin. But I am currently writing an in depth guide with some tips and tricks to use the plugin properly... or for people just starting with VAM.

As usual I'm gonna thanks a lot Spacedog, MacGruber and Acid Bubbles, who help me to, either test the plugin. Or give me some tips, tricks and help when I'm stuck on some parts of the code.
Love you guyz.
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Amazing plugin to take story level to the stratosphere
Great work! By the way, is it possible for us to import any font through ttf files?
Thanks <3
Love this plug in - using it in almost all my scenes now - Thank you!
Thank you Ruthven ! And thank you for the review.
I'm glad it is helpful to your awesome scenes : D
works great , thanks hazmhox
Thank you VamTastic !
This is great! This is a very nice and easy to use implementation, very smooth and good looking!
Awww. <3
Excellent plugin, there's been many scenes I have given up on due to not having the ability to do what this does. Top top work A++++++
Thank you so much Juno.
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