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VAMMoan is a plugin dedicated to add voices and voice related sounds to your characters.
The plugin is focused on audio quality and credible randomness with a major emphasis on manual control from the creator to have a credible voice throughout your scenes.

The plugin features :
- Two modes : manual and interactive.
- 2 voices, one male, one female performed by voice actors containing hundreds of variations.
- 3 additional female voices extracted from open source content.
- Optional breathing system
- Trigger system

The base package contains the script and only a basic demo with a demonstration of a basic manual control and interactive setup for the girl.

An "advanced demo" package is planned and coming at some point in the future with a few setups showing VAMMoan capabilities in different situations.

This is an early release, even if it is well tested by some of the most active members of the community on Discord. Expect bugs and improvements in the future.

How to use
  • Open or create a scene.
  • Select a character
  • Load VAMMoan in the plugins tab
  • The character should start breathing
This what the UI of VAMMoan looks like :


If you have any doubt about the configuration... the big help box on the left is here to help you.

How to control VAMMoan

In manual mode

VAMMoan is meant to be controlled through triggers.
Triggers and actions can be added on :
- The main timeline
- Animation patterns
- Buttons or triggers
- Plugins ( like Timeline, LogicBricks... )

The main functions you should use are below a "fake functions" called "Use these functions below" to help you find what you need quickly.


All functions called Voice XXXX are used to change the voice to this specific state or intensity. If you choose Voice disabled, you will disable the voice. If you choose Voice Orgasm, you will trigger the orgasm state... etc...

Enable or Disable intensity boost are two functions you can use to boost the intensity to the next one when you are between intensity 0 and 4. This could be used to enable a a credible interaction when you touch the breast of a female character for instance. When you enable it, don't forget to disable it in some other way, it is not automatic.

You can also add triggers to VAMM :


Most of the triggers are meant to start when a new state is triggered.
Three triggers are a bit more specific : When intensity lowered, when intensity increased, While breathing.

When intensity lower or when intensity increased is triggered everytime the intensity changes when (of course) your are between intensity 0 and 4.

While breathing is a trigger that is updated constantly and is more a transition action. It can be used to control an animation pattern or a Timeline animation or the intensity of a light for instance.

In interactive mode

You don't have to do anything, besides interacting with the character.
  • The interactive mode only works with genital at the moment
  • The interactive mode only works with female characters

The voices

A few informations are available below the name of the character you've selected. But three are more important :

Variations says if there are a lot of samples or not. High means a lot of samples, low means fewer samples.

Intensities says what intensities are available. If specific intensities are specified it means that using intensities that are not available will result in playing the highest intensity available. For instance for 0,1,2, using intensities 3 and 4 for will result in the character playing intensity 2.

Recommended pitch says what is the optimal pitch to use. I've spent quite a while testing the voice to come up with these values. Going above or under the recommended pitch will result in audio artifacts and loss of credibility. But feel free to have fun, you may want to have a scene with a pixie or an ogre ;)

Licence and usage

All my content is CC BY-SA. Which means you can use VAMMoan for commercial content.

I know that this type of licence does not authorize additional restrictions, but to give you a bit of context : I'm doing this for free, sharing it for free, paid professional voice actors and spend dozens of hours to slice the samples and refining the plugin with Spacedog, Captain Varghoss and a few other members of the community.

So I wish that at least for a few months, the content created for Isabella and Seth stays exclusive to VAMM. Please, respect my work and my investment... do not try to extract the content for other use.

On the other hand, for the other female voices, since they are CC content, I can share the samples if you need.

Special thanks

An incredible thanks to Dorn and Leo for their voice as Isabella and Seth.
You can find out more about Dorn's work on her twitter. And you can find out more about Leo's work on his twitter too.
Please consider supporting them.

A super thank to Acidbubbles and MacGruber, for their awesome content but also the time they spent sometimes to help me out with issues I encounter while coding.
Please check their awesome plugins and consider supporting them too.

And the über special thanks to Spacedog, Captain Varghoss, jackaroo,, MalMorality, babul, Marko, SCAMP and you all I may I've forgotten! Some of the features of the plugin may have not been possible without their tests, ideas and support.

Know bugs / potential improvements
  • Triggers may not work in interactive mode
  • Breathing samples could be improved
  • Breathing animations not enabled while kissing, blowjob, orgasm
  • Ella is still in "early access" only a couple dozen samples are available
First release
Last update
4.89 star(s) 28 ratings

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Adds just what I need to many scenes.
thank you for this fantastic plugin. Excellent work. Any plans on making the male interactive?
Thank you!
For now, this is a limitation of VAM, since the male does not have native interactive triggers. As soon as it does, I will gladly add it !
Absolutely brilliant ! The more voices/variants, the merrier !
Wish there were more voicepacks for VAM in general.
I may work on some new characters at some point :)
well done
Thank you!
A Must Have.
I recently played with this plugin in some sceenes and it's really awful.
Good work, thanks for sharing.
Haha. It took me some time to understand the sarcasm.
Thank you for your review rernat ;)
Brilliant work Haz! love this plugin, great variety of VA's used! I'd love it even more if interactive mode reacted to more than the current trigger in the deep. I love you long time if breast play was a trigger also.
Thanks Juno :3
I'm trying to find a good way to enable breast play in a "realistic manner"... it may be available in a future update!
super nice
Thank you!
Great plugin. Is there any way to extend it with your own sounds. I have a collection of sounds, of so so quality and would like to add a new voice to the list.
Thank you for the review capable-comfort :)
Hit me in the discussion if you want to discuss about adding a new voice.
Not sure if this is better than the previous version.
Thank you for the review lezdez :)
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