1. Sharr

    Paid Looks Shepard Male 2021-02-20

    A male version of my previous released Shepard look created a new male hairstyle for it. Enjoy!
  2. Denngar

    Looks Johnny Silverhand look 1

    "Wake the fuck up, Samurai... we've got a city to burn!" Another male look, this time inspired by Johnny Silverhand from CP2077. But just to be clear, this look is in no way meant to represent any actual real life actor. All similarities are coincidental. 🤫 I also do not take credit for any...
  3. JoyBoy

    Clothing Male Socks 2021-01-29

    A JoyBoy creation. Simple Socks for Male. Comes with different variations. (The default and the nylon fabric can be colorized) Fits well with all shoes.
  4. Sharr

    Paid Looks Anthro horse men and futa 2021-01-20

    This is the male/futa version of my previous horse look. The textures are semi-transparent so you can change the colour of the textures as long as they are on the decal slots. The eyes on the looks are assets as the eyes for the morph do not work properly, so remember to use the asset manager...
  5. Sharr

    Paid Looks Pig Man 2021-01-12

    A commissioned look of a Pig Man radiating sexual energy. He has textures to make him look more rough, otherwise you are free you change the skin colour in VaM Enjoy! Credit: Facial hair by @kemenate Mohawk by @Miki
  6. Sharr

    Paid Looks Tauren Brothers 2021-01-04

    Some Tauren looks with 3 variations of skin colour together with horns and nose rings. This also include a mane like hairstyle going down the back. Hope you like it! Enjoy!
  7. Rusky_04


    A Russian Woodworker
  8. Rusky_03


    A Russian Woodworker
  9. Rusky_02


    A Russian Woodworker
  10. Rusky_01


    A Russian Woodworker
  11. Threesome 4

    Threesome 4

    Gay public restroom threesome with three hairy bears.
  12. Threesome 3

    Threesome 3

    Gay public restroom threesome with three hairy bears.
  13. Threesome 2

    Threesome 2

    Gay public restroom threesome with three hairy bears.
  14. Threesome 1

    Threesome 1

    Gay public restroom threesome with three hairy bears.

    Assets Latex Condoms 2020-12-26

    Be Safe! Latex Condoms set include separated (static) assets This asset has been especially converted for one of my Patron 3D model by: Maxime Dotremont
  16. Jackaroo

    Paid Looks Shane 1

    Shane comes with custom body and mouth/tongue textures, hairs, and morphs. Comes with tattooed or clean presets
  17. Ben-g Copper

    Looks [Male] Look - Hanzooo 2

    Hanzoooo Shimada, the archer who shoots dragon energy at you! I decided to update Hanzo model and pack it as a VAR file. This version improves face shape to be the same as original from the game. And improve body shape to look like Asian people This package has... -save file -texture...
  18. Sharr

    Looks Judy and Nick - Zootopia 2020-12-15

    Was playing around and ended up with 2 looks from Zootopia Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde Enjoy! Credit: Chest on Judy by @Jackaroo Gloves by @rukk Jeans by @jakuubz Bunny Tail by @SupaRioAmateur Enhanced eyes by @Hunting-Succubus
  19. Sharr

    Paid Looks Garrosh Hellscream 2020-12-14

    Warchief Garrosh Hellscream from the World of Warcraft game. This scene contains a large assetbundle: - Tusk shoulders - Metal gauntlets - Thick shin plate - Metal shoes - Nose ring and ear rings - The Warchief Throne Female orc look is from...
  20. hazmhox

    Plugins VAMMoan 3

    VAMMoan is a plugin dedicated to add voices and voice related sounds to your characters. The plugin is focused on audio quality and credible randomness with a major emphasis on manual control from the creator to have a credible voice throughout your scenes. The plugin features : - Two modes ...
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