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  1. increaseVV

    Other Everyday Conversation Pack "tana1B"

    increaseVV submitted a new resource: Everyday Conversation Pack "tana1B" - Female breathing and Japanese everyday conversation.These are wav files. Read more about this resource...
  2. Sensual voices pack "miko1"

    Other Sensual voices pack "miko1" 2021/10/11
    Hub-Hosted VAR Questionable

    This pack contains the following wav files moans breath moans & sounds of blow job Japanese Dialogues These voices are high. If the file name contains "JPN", it will have Japanese dialogues. All other files do not contain Japanese. Most of the audio is short, so it is suitable for random...
  3. VAMMoan

    Plugins VAMMoan 22
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    VAMMoan is a plugin dedicated to add voices and voice related sounds to your characters... but also any sex sounds that will make a sex animation more believable. The plugin is focused on audio quality and credible randomness with a major emphasis on manual control from the creator to have a...
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