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  • Djinn Teaser

    Finally, The Djinn teaser is available. You can watch the high quality on mega.
    This project is the result of seven creators of the community working together. @Damarmau @Jackaroo @Juno @kevinBurinn @Spacedog @TheOriginalBatatis and myself.

    It is also the result of months and months of development on my side. VAMMoan, VAMCUI, VAMAtmosphere, VAMOverlays, Fluids 101 and all the releases I've done for over a year were not only for the community but also for this particular scene I had in mind since 2069.

    Djinn is the result of all this + our discussions with this tiny team of awesome creators to improve the gameplay, the look and feel of this mini-story. A lot of experimentation and improvements have been made over a year and I hope that it will also give some ideas and new ways of authoring scenes for the community in the future.

    The scene will also add some new features / plugins that I haven't yet released like persistent game saves.

    I can't thank enough the creators directly involved in this project for accepting to join me. Their work is amazing.
    I also can't thank enough all the creators indirectly involved in this project (plugins, hair styles and more). Without them, this scene would not be as cool as it is ( yeap, that's subjective, I'll let you be the judges of that when it is released... but hey! The most important thing is that I like my work, isn't it? )

    There is still a bit of work to be done... I want this to be perfect. So... stay tuned!
    Why free content ? How can I give you money ?
    I don't know why, but this is a recurring question I often get in private on Discord recently. So I'm gonna adress both quickly.

    Why free ?
    First, I don't need money. But most importantly, I do this because I'm in modding communities since a long long time. VaM feels like a super opened playground with sex as a bonus. And I'm having a blast at creating content. Which will most certainly be influenced when you start to ask money from your supporters. I support a few creators I like in this community, and I've seen patreons comments that would drive me nuts.
    No money = no problems. And I love having no problems. Without money involved, I don't owe you anything, I release what I want, when I want, as I want. I am free from any obligation towards the people who use my creations, and it's something that allows me to explore whatever pleases me.

    How can I give you money ?
    Again, I don't need money. But...

    You are a creator who enjoys my content ? Drop me your last scene in private if you're creating paid content... I love what you do guys, but I cannot support everyone making paid content with my plugins and assets.
    Not a creator ? Shoot me a message in private, maybe you can buy me an asset or two for my next scene on cgtrader or sketchfab.
    Hey guys! It's been a long time since I'm not super active (I'm still lurking around tho).

    So that you do not worry, I've been super busy at work and in my personal life. Everything should go back to normal in a few weeks and I'll be back with some new content as soon as everything is settled.

    I've got my new scene slowly evolving to a cool VR experience with a tiny bit of gameplay and a more cinematic experience than 2069.
    Some cool new ideas and tests for the powers and some new particles.

    And also, I've been working a lot on Unity 2020 to start creating an awesome base of cool content when VAM 2.x releases.
    Here are a few screenshots in the mean time... enjoy!

    Unity 2020, looking forward to work on VAM 2.x!

    Einan, one of the golem girl you will encounter in my next scene "Djinn"
    in my last "season" of vam/playing time (the only VR thing I load) I was getting lost in a lot of nice and soon delusional experience. Wishing you my best I hope you will give us another 2069-like jewel .... you deserve a lot of respect and honest appreciation for your creations.
    Thank you keycode :oops:
    Something is on the way, I'm trying to get something really clean to make a tiny teaser... (which doesn't mean at all that it is going to be released anytime soon :p)
    Putting a few finishing touches to the new environment for VAMMoan + VAMafx new demo.
    VAMMoan is an audio plugin that drives moans for your characters, and well... you already know VAMafx. If you don't, check it out here.

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