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  1. Sharr

    Paid Looks Neith 2021-01-25

    This is Neith inspired by the SMITE game. Her hair is an asset and has the VaMifier Plugin by Nostage3 on it to better control the reflections of the material. As for her tattoos are not 100% the same as in game, but with another artistic twist. Lastly I tried making a pyramid environment...
  2. ICannotDie

    Looks Isobel 3

    All my work is FREE, FOREVER! If you'd like to support my free content please consider joining my Patreon Morphs 1 x Head 1 x Body 1 x Proportions 1 x Genitals 2 x Breast 1 x Nipples Hair 1 x custom pubic hair Presets 3 x Appearance Presets for different breast sizes 3 x Hair Presets...
  3. Sharr

    Paid Looks Lady Cleo 2021-01-23

    A furry anthro look inspired by some online art. It has a normal map for the fur, but it is very mild. hope you like it. Enjoy!
  4. Sharr

    Looks Aztec Woman 2021-01-22

    I just found some cool tribal art and wanted to recreate it. I only take credit for the decal tattoos and hair. The original look is by @Damarmau : https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/lisa.626/ This should fit well into a tribal setting if you are into that :) so enjoy!
  5. Sharr

    Paid Looks Anthro Horse 2021-01-15

    Here is my anthro horse look with custom textures and hairstyles. I tried to create a variety of you textures you can combine together. The textures on the looks are transparent so you can change the colour in game as long as they are on the decal texture sets. However, if you want to have both...
  6. Sharr

    Paid Looks Dragon Fox 2021-01-08

    A look inspired by some art I found online. Includes head spikes, sharp teeth and tail assets. Tail posing tip You can easily pose the tail by creating a object and reduce the alpha material on that object to 0 which makes it invisible. Then use the collisions to move the tail around. Hope you...
  7. Sharr

    Looks Celest Fox 2021-01-06

    Made this look some time ago, only got around to releasing it now. The texture is semi-transparent, so you can change the skin colour in VaM as long as it is on the decal texture set. Hope you like it. Enjoy! Credit: Hairstyle by @Miki Enhanced Eyes by @Hunting-Succubus
  8. Sharr

    Paid Looks Swamp-Guard Ssliza 2021-01-06

    Here is a look with my first physic based tail. Used a lot of time to get it right, and I am happy with the result! The skin texture is semi-transparent! This means you can put the texture in your decal slot and just change the skin colour on the person to have different colour variations :)...
  9. ICannotDie

    Looks Riley & Robyn 1

    Matching Futa & Female looks with custom sculpted morphs. Includes: Morphs Head, Body, Breast & Nipple morphs for both Futa & Female 2 x Male genital morphs: 12 Inch & 9 Inch 1 x Female genital morph All morphs should be usable individually if required Presets Appearance Presets for both...
  10. ICannotDie

    Textures Futa/Female Skin Presets 1

    Matching skin presets for both Futa & Female versions of Kayla, Lexi, Simone, Maria & Mia textures. Futa versions use custom genital diffuse and normal decals. Apply using Skin Preset tab on model menu. Images below show the presets on my Riley & Robyn models which can be found here...
  11. Sharr

    Paid Looks Death Knight 2021-01-03

    Really getting into making armor assets for more action filled screenshots. The assets and look are inspired by the Death Knight from World of Warcraft with my own personal twist. Hope you like it. Enjoy! The general look can also be found at...
  12. Mr. Orange

    Paid Looks Punk look Anya 1

    I wanted to do a punk look for a long time and finally made one last month. Punk Look Anya. Separate morphs for head and body and custom tattoo textures packed as var file. Screens use my reshade settings.
  13. Sharr

    Looks Combat Bunny 2021-01-01

    Been working on this one here and there. Some more armor best fitted on my Rabbit look with a spear. enjoy!
  14. FireByrd

    Textures Female Makeup Texture Pack 1 1

    Five makeup decals (Red/Yellow, Purple, Blue & Purple, Grey & Red, and Goth)
  15. TEK

    Paid Looks BIG TITS 1.0


    Assets Latex Condoms 2020-12-26

    Be Safe! Latex Condoms set include separated (static) assets This asset has been especially converted for one of my Patron 3D model by: Maxime Dotremont https://sketchfab.com/dotremontmaxime
  17. FireByrd

    Paid Looks Julia (Female & Futa) 2020-12-25

    This is the first model I've pretty much made from scratch. Let me know what you think!
  18. Sharr

    Looks Lillith 2020-12-22

    Had a go at making horns for Lillith from Diablo with some new tricks I learned. Was a rather quick one to make, so It a freebie. Better than nothing!
  19. Sharr

    Paid Looks Tribal Tris 2020-12-21

    A look I made inspired by online art. The scene contains: - spear asset - bone mask asset - bone teeth necklace asset - shoulder fur and a tail hairstyles The tail is more for posing, but it has a sim.
  20. Sharr

    Paid Looks Succubus 2020-12-19

    Here is my succubus look. She has her own horns, ear rings and wings. The wings have 3 different colours - purple - red - green The decal also comes in 3 different colours if you want to match it up. All located in the same folder: Meshed VR\Custom\Atom\Person\Textures\Sharr\Succubus...
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