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An animation timeline with keyframe and controllable curves. Inspired by Source FilmMaker, Blender and other animation software.

There is actual documentation! Check out the wiki for instructions and demonstration videos.

Requires Virt-A-Mate 1.20.77 or more recent!

Acid Bubbles
First release
Last update
4.98 star(s) 119 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Timeline v6.2.4

    Features - SmoothMoves by GargChow is now built-in - Greatly improved "Real Time" (now plays...
  2. Timeline v6.1.2

    - When creating an animation, select it in other atoms - When adding animations in all atoms...
  3. Timeline v6.1.1

    - Fix nasty NullReferenceException crash when collapsing groups (thanks @GossamerVR for the...

Latest reviews

Probably the most useful plugin available for VAM. Once you learn it you will never go back to anything else.
Vam is Timeline and Timeline is Vam.
opening sci fi doors says more than hundret words <3 thx acidbubble
this completes vamx 🥰
Can keyframes or triggers be used to mid-transition the parent?(don't toggle animation)
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
mid-transition the parent? Please give more details in the Discussion tab or on Discord, it's going to be easier (and thanks for the review!)
Thank you for the plugin. It works very well for me in desktop and VR. I have already worked in other areas with similar technology, this plugin allows you to see progress quickly and motivates you to create scenes. Many Thanks
Thank you for this great plugin. It's Definitely a Game Changer.
Truly a remarkable asset - Timeline let's us bring VAM to life!
I have yet to use this because I haven't quite gotten the hang of animation yet, but I know how many of the scenes I love rely on it. Thanks for making it!
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