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An animation timeline with keyframe and controllable curves. Inspired by Source FilmMaker, Blender and other animation software.

There is actual documentation! Check out the wiki for instructions and demonstration videos.

Requires Virt-A-Mate 1.20.77 or more recent!

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Acid Bubbles
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Latest updates

  1. Timeline v6.4.2

    - Fix weight value on an animation target controller settings not saving (loading still worked)
  2. Timeline v6.4.1

    - Position and Rotation weights for controllers (shows up as two additional storables per...
  3. Timeline v6.4.0

    - Previous / Next Segment storable and keybinding - Current Animation Changed trigger (Global...

Latest reviews

too greastest tool !!!
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Thank you! Amazing tool!
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This is a wonderfull and a great Plug, thx a lot of this!
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Timeline has become a KEY CORE COMPONENT of VAM! Without this amazing tool.. we would have so many fewer amazing scenes. Truly amazing stuff, from an amazing guy. So thankful you are part of the community @acidbubbles.
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Timeline is truly an invaluable plugin. With it, animation becomes as simple as possible in principle. Huge gratitude and respect to Acid Bubbles. And wish him health, inspiration and enthusiasm!
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The bread and butter of every VaM scene...
Such an epic plugin!!!!
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Probably the best plugin for VAM, amazing.
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an invaluable plugin
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Perfect for making animations. Thank you
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