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Embody is a one-stop-shop plugin for possession purposes. It's the successor to Improved PoV, Passenger and Snug, adds eye contact in mirrors, vive trackers and leap motion integration; it supports exporting profiles, and there are so many features in it I lost count.


What is Embody?
  • It makes possession feel right by adjusting the eyes position, the hands' position, and by hiding the geometry so you don't see floating eyeballs when you're moving.
  • It allows easy and precise full-body tracking using Vive trackers and gives more options for adjustments
  • It adds features such as leap motion integration and mirrors eye tracking, so looking at yourself in the mirror feels more natural.
  • It allows dynamically adjusting your hands so you're able to touch yourself in real life and have the model do the same despite different body proportions.
  • It allows possessing you! This mode, known as Passenger, can induce nausea, however, but if you're comfortable with VR camera movement, it can create some very unique experiences.
  • It's the successor to the well-known Improved PoV, Passenger, and Snug plugins. It includes all features from each and more.
Ok, how do I use it?

Check out the documentation: https://github.com/acidbubbles/vam-embody/wiki/Getting-started

How to report bugs?

You can activate the Diagnostics: Record Diag. Data toggle in Other settings, run the wizard to do what causes the issue (you can also take a snapshot in the Diagnostics screen, the wizard will automatically create snapshots), and send me the scene. The best way is through Discord.

Thanks to everyone who helped me

A ton of people helped me test and gave feedback through more than a month worth of private builds. I asked more of you than I usually do, especially for Vive trackers support (I don't have any myself) so know that this was not only my work.

Thanks to @VamTimbo, @VaMDeV, HD VR, @KittyMocap, @WeebUVR, @SupaRioAmateur, Odin, @miscreatedreality you've been helpful and it's great building stuff with people like you. As I've said before, this community is lucky to have you all.

For the poster image, a lot of great creators to thank too: @YameteOuji, @ddaamm, @SupaRioAmateur, @MacGruber, @SolidVault, @NoStage3 and @Nabuhiro; thanks for making all those assets available to us!

Some videos

Early Embody demo

Head and hands with fingers recording

Hands-only possession using Leap Motion

Upcoming Timeline 5 hands recording playback (not available yet)


Improved PoV

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    - Reset simulation after applying a possession pose to reduce physics crashes - Fix crash when...
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Latest reviews

Even for non-VR user, it allows to do so much! Incredible plugin, a must-have.
Improved PoV, Passenger, Snug and more ? Inside the same plugin ? Of course you need it !

The new system allowing quick swap between each instance by just enabling a new one is awesome, and the user presets concept is awesome.

This is a mandatory plugin for possession that takes the native system to a whole new level.
Love this plugin, it literally saves my neck. I have a fused neck so you can imagine the normal possession just didn't work at all in almost every situation. Still, with embody I usually have to tweak the X rotation to look up/down depending on the scene and where the model I am possessing is looking. I have an issue that I CANNOT get the Look At Target working at all. It either does nothing at all, or looks in some weird direction like behind me. I am posessing the male usually, and then trying to set the look at target to be the female character's head. I have tried both the head itself and the head controller and neither seem to work (I have also tried a bunch of other things like glance targets that some scenes provide etc.) I am limited in what I can do as I don't currently have a creator code, just the entertainer one.
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
I'll take a look at this whenever I can and give you tips in PM! Thanks for the review <3
Classic Acid bubbles innovating and making vam more.
Awesome suite, opens many doors!
Adds so many possibilities to scenes, amazing
F**king amazing work! Gonna revolutionise my scenes.
I know you have been working on this for a long time, very much appreciate all your work put into it. Thanks for bringing the game to the next level.
I have no VR... so sad
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
VR is a very good investment, I promise :)
Worked really well. A must have plugin if you want to posses naturally.
I don't have a Leap, any chance it can integrate with the Quest2 hand tracking? That works in SteamVR etc so should be possible.
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
VaM is using an older version of Unity, and I'm relying on VaM's Leap driver implementation. I have an Oculus CV1 so I cannot really try workarounds myself :| If someone's up for the challenge I can give them some pointers though :D
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