Plugins Embody v1.1.0

F**king amazing work! Gonna revolutionise my scenes.
I know you have been working on this for a long time, very much appreciate all your work put into it. Thanks for bringing the game to the next level.
I have no VR... so sad
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VR is a very good investment, I promise :)
Worked really well. A must have plugin if you want to posses naturally.
I don't have a Leap, any chance it can integrate with the Quest2 hand tracking? That works in SteamVR etc so should be possible.
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VaM is using an older version of Unity, and I'm relying on VaM's Leap driver implementation. I have an Oculus CV1 so I cannot really try workarounds myself :| If someone's up for the challenge I can give them some pointers though :D
This is a game changer for immersion.
It works like magic 🪄
Just amazing, Know so little of how to use VAM and it worked perfectly, has an easy wizard that guides even the clueless people like me through it. My only question is how many trackers can it support? I had 5 trackers on and it only seemed to recognize 3?, not sure if I did something wrong or its just not able to go above 3 trackers. But it recognized the leap motion perfectly. There's another addon I saw that allows phone cams to track face, I want to try with this...

I'm curious if I get an Index if it can work with that, But I'm loving this so much so far.
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Thanks! You can bind up to 8 trackers, see this link for more information: https://trello.com/c/KB0IqHb3/1253-note-on-vive-trackers-you-must-bind-them-in-steamvr-now-to-specific-roles-and-natural-locomotion-prevents-vam-from-seeing-them

Also, only Leap Motion is supported for tracking fingers motion. I don't think Index will be supported since (to validate) I don't think the Unity version that VaM uses has the APIs for that.
This is my favorite thing in all of vam
Embody is an "all in one" solution for simply everybody who ever wanted to posess a VaM character. It really doesn´t matter if you are a beginner or an expert already. Embody has everything you would like to have to feel "in" the character of your desire. Even more. Actually you don´t even have to go through the well organized single plugins in the ui at all. Why don´t you just start the implemented wizard? It takes care of an insane amount of parameters you would otherwiese sepend like 30 mins with different plugins. Both, Chrizzy and I experimented with it a bit. Just beautiful! Like mentioned you can explore a wide range of adjustment possibilities for expert users also. You won´t be disappointed. Just try it out ;)

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Wow, this is a detailed and very positive feedback you took the time to write here! For those who don't know who C&G are, they make amazing mocaps, check them out! https://www.patreon.com/cgstudio
a new must have !!!! thanks.
I was using impov and passenger before, but this is the one to get.
I'm also very happy with the wizard part, since I'm kind of new and I'm not sure when I'm doing something wrong or know what to expect.
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Did you try the Snug wizard? It's working well for me but it was broken for others, so I disable it by default and moved it as an "experimental" option. I'd be curious to hear what you think! And thanks for the nice words <3
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