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Instead of possessing a model that follows your movement, YOU will be following the model's movements.

Note that for some people, it may induce terrible nausea...

I strongly recommend to use Improved PoV with it, it will hide the head (except in mirrors) and avoid seeing eyes and hair when using passenger on heads.

Known issues

There is a slight jitter; this is because VaM does all updates in Update, including drawing the lasers and updating the camera position. This means we are always one frame late.

If you save a scene while Passenger is activated, the scene will save with the camera rotated. There are two ways to fix it:

Option 1: Enable teleport navigation, then cancel it (thanks Daye for the tip!)

Option 2: Fix the scene JSON file:

1. Open your scene using a text editor (e.g. notepad, vscode)
2. Find the following block:
         "id" : "[CameraRig]",
         "on" : "true",
         "type" : "VRController",
         "position" : {
            "x" : "0.05622706",
            "y" : "0",
            "z" : "1.956606"
         "rotation" : {
            "x" : "0",
            "y" : "169.6962",
            "z" : "0"
         "storables" : [
Another example?

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Latest reviews

a must HAVE!! makes possession mode REAL (for true!!!).
Adds a new dimension to POV - great addition!
This is an absolute MUST have for me in my scenes! Though instead of attaching it to a person I load the plugin on an empty and link the empty to an animation pattern (I slow the speed dramatically) and arrange the AP steps to act as a camera path.

It's a great way to get preplanned views of models and action. I know this is a key ingredient in the perfect recipe for motion sickness but I've never had any of that issue. Perhaps my method is not for the early VR user but an experienced person would probably be fine.

This plugin is fundamental to my enjoyment of VAM and scratches an itch I DID know I had since the early days and thankfully someone came along and scratched it!
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