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Write JavaScript scripts in your Virt-A-Mate scenes!
  • Create and invoke triggers (float params, actions, etc.)
  • Write maths, conditions, loops
  • Run scripts on every frame
  • Create custom Keybindings commands
Check out the documentation!


The tokenizer, abstract syntax tree parser and the runtime has been written from the ground up to run in Virt-A-Mate with high performance and minimal memory allocations (it's not as good as native C# code, but it's more than enough for the vast majority of cases).
Acid Bubbles
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Latest updates

  1. Scripter v1.1.3

    - Support string escaping (\n, \t) - Fix setTimeout receiving seconds instead of ms - Fix crash...
  2. Scripter v1.1.2

    - Fix Math.max and min not working (now supports either a list of values or an array) (thanks...
  3. Scripter v1.1.1

    - Implemented module (%) (thanks @jaked for the contribution!) - Implemented Math functions...

Latest reviews

Yet another game changing plugin.
Be honest. You're actually some kind of technomagic AI from the future, right?

Seriously, your work never fails to impress.
Both from a technical standpoint and just on having the insight to recognize what features VAM needs to bump it up to a more expressive state.
I never thought I would find a bastion of high quality open source development in the community of a porn game, but here we are.
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Horny people can go to surprising lengths sometimes, uh? Thanks :P Glad you like it!
Great Plugin!!!
This is really handy. Previously I've tried a level of automation and plugin synchronisation via tools like VUML and others. Those are good, but proved to be quite clunky and hard to migrate to a new scene. This makes implementing small chunks of logic simple to deploy and modify, without the need to make entire plugins!
Beautiful option for scene scripting!
This plugin is great and allows Vam to access the JavaScript ecosystem. On my side, I used the rotateTowards method of the Controller object in Person Atom and reported the error Failed to run code: Property 'rotateToWarns' does not exist on the object. Is this a bug?
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
This is an error in the docs, it should be lookAt, not rotateTowards! I fixed the docs, thanks :D If you find anything else, ping me either in the Discussion tab or on Discord!
This looks awesome!
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