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Write JavaScript scripts in your Virt-A-Mate scenes!
  • Create and invoke triggers (float params, actions, etc.)
  • Write maths, conditions, loops
  • Run scripts on every frame
  • Create custom Keybindings commands
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The tokenizer, abstract syntax tree parser and the runtime has been written from the ground up to run in Virt-A-Mate with high performance and minimal memory allocations (it's not as good as native C# code, but it's more than enough for the vast majority of cases).
Acid Bubbles
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Latest updates

  1. Scripter v1.5.1

    - Delay init after scene has finished loading - Lazy reference storables so when they are...
  2. Scripter v1.5.0

    - Array functions: push, splice, pop, remove, join - String functions: substring, substr, split...
  3. Scripter v1.4.0

    - split and trim functions added to strings - atom.GetStorable() now allows using "endswith", so...

Latest reviews

I have been using this a lot for making a minigame and this is together with timeline my #1 var on the hub. This brings so much insane value to vam. I couldn't go back to using vam without this capability.
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This plugin is very useful, it allows me to achieve complex and variable volume light control logic in a Dynamic lighting stage scene, which is really great.

Acturally, I successfully built a dynamic stage lighting design tool using VAM-Scripter.
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From someone who knows zero of C# and almost zero of JS, this allowed me today to do a simple plugin that would have taken me forever or not even attempt it. Thanks for another great plugin.
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My brain was tying itself in knots when i attempted to make regular plugins for my specific needs. This simplifies things alot for me and even got me in learning JS. I fiddled with coding before and quit, but now i`m back into it thanks to this ESSENTIAL plugin. 20 out of 10
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This is amazing, thank you for making this!, Its already allowed me to do things I could never do in VAM before, because of my lazyness with C# I guess. I'm not sure how to do Collision detection but holy crap everything else I can think of has been a breeze so far.
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Yet another game changing plugin.
Be honest. You're actually some kind of technomagic AI from the future, right?

Seriously, your work never fails to impress.
Both from a technical standpoint and just on having the insight to recognize what features VAM needs to bump it up to a more expressive state.
I never thought I would find a bastion of high quality open source development in the community of a porn game, but here we are.
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Horny people can go to surprising lengths sometimes, uh? Thanks :P Glad you like it!
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Great Plugin!!!
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This is really handy. Previously I've tried a level of automation and plugin synchronisation via tools like VUML and others. Those are good, but proved to be quite clunky and hard to migrate to a new scene. This makes implementing small chunks of logic simple to deploy and modify, without the need to make entire plugins!
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Beautiful option for scene scripting!
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This plugin is great and allows Vam to access the JavaScript ecosystem. On my side, I used the rotateTowards method of the Controller object in Person Atom and reported the error Failed to run code: Property 'rotateToWarns' does not exist on the object. Is this a bug?
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
This is an error in the docs, it should be lookAt, not rotateTowards! I fixed the docs, thanks :D If you find anything else, ping me either in the Discussion tab or on Discord!
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