Plugins Scripter v1.1.3

- Support string escaping (\n, \t)
- Fix setTimeout receiving seconds instead of ms
- Fix crash using scene.getAtoms()
- Fix crash with storable.getAllParamNames, stringChooserParam.choices
- Fix crash in code input in some circumstances when pressing home
-Crash on unsupported string templates (``)
-Fix reverse selections crashing the code editor when using Tab
- Fix doc errors (thanks Harry15)
- Change the license to CC BY-ND
- Fix Math.max and min not working (now supports either a list of values or an array) (thanks @notgivingitout for the report)
- Support underscores in variable and function names (thanks @notgivingitout for the report)
- Report errors in callbacks (on update, on float param value changed, etc.) and Stop listening to callbacks when one fails (scripter callbacks) (thanks @jaked for the contribution)
- String literal support in property names (thanks @jaked for the contribution)
- Implemented module (%) (thanks @jaked for the contribution!)
- Implemented Math functions: clamp, clamp01, inverseLerp, lerp, lerpAngle, lerpUnclamped, pingPong, smoothStep (thanks @jaked for the contribution!)
- Fix Vector3.y and z updating x instead of their respective values (thanks @jaked for the report!)
- Add scripter.containingAtom
- Add position, localPosition, eulerAngles and localEulerAngles on Transform and Controller (you can read and set the x, y and z values and use position.set(0, 0, 0))
- When loading a scene, wait at the end of the frame before running the script
- Fix lookAt and moveTowards not working unless physics is frozen
- scripter.onLateUpdate, onEnable, onDisable, onDestroy
- Ability to assign to properties returned by function calls (e.g. storable.getFloatParam("x").val = 1)
- Prevent controllers from being moved (lookAt, moveTowards) when physics is frozen
- Stop the running module when parsing errors are detected (e.g. onUpdate steps if an error is found after change)
- Fix crash when using atom.getStorableIds
- Distance now supports any transforms, not only controllers (e.g. player.head)
- Fix error in script created in the "+" tab
- Add string functions: length, startsWith, endsWith, contains
- Support single-quote strings
The very first official version of Scripter! You can check out the documentation here, but I'll create a few guides to get people started pretty soon :)

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