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🎉 Do you like Keybindings? Support me on Patreon and get early access to new features: https://www.patreon.com/posts/39197180

💬 Need help using this plugin or want to share ideas? Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/VtUpPkb


Ramp up your creation workflow with a professional scene creation and navigation plugin!

Quickly find commands using fuzzy search

For example, if you want to open the clothing tab, open the fuzzy search and start typing "cloth" and you'll see a list of commands that match your query.

More than 200 commands out of the box

From camera navigation to opening panels, adding and removing atoms, opening the performance monitor, you should find what you're looking for. If not, reach out!

Native integration with Timeline

35 Timeline commands are available, from copy pasting frames to navigating your animations

Compatible with third party plugins

Keybindings was built to allow easy integration with plugins, so your favorite plugins can take advantage of global shortcuts.

Support for analog joysticks

Some commands can be bound to joysticks, such as moving atoms, scrubbing Timeline animations, etc.

Create scene commands

You can create your own commands in your scenes using a conventions-based approach. For example, you could create a "Selector.SelectPose#1" command, and in each scene specify a trigger to call.

Define complex bindings, or keep it simple

You can make it simple and bind keys to things you often use, map ctrl, alt and shift combinations to different bindings, or go crazy and make vim-like sequences such as "gc" to open the clothing tab and "gm" to open the morphs tab, etc.

Additional features

Some special features are only available through Keybindings, such as the selection history which allows you to go backwards in your previous selections, the ability to create atoms of any type, and the intelligent action mapping which will run your command on whatever was last select that supports this command. A very good example of that is Timeline's Next Keyframe command. Even if you select the hand controller or a light, the Next Keyframe command will still work on the last person atom you had selected.

Requirements and instructions

You need Virt-A-Mate or more recent to take advantage of Keybindings. While earlier versions will work, Virt-A-Mate bindings cannot be overwritten so a lot of keys won't be usable.

For instructions on using or integrating Keybindings, refer to this link:



Warm thanks to @lfe who made the excellent KeyboardShortcuts plugin, @hazmhox who shared his overlay implementation, @MacGruber for always being a pioneer in everything VaM and everyone who gave feedback and helped shape this project and upcoming ones!

Why another shortcuts plugin instead of using LFE's?

I wanted to make something that could target any instance of Timeline in any scenes, using a binding mechanism that would make it easy to extend in plugins. I also wanted fuzzy search and vim-like bindings, and while the implementation of KeyboardShortcuts is excellent, the basic premise of it didn't allow what I wanted. LFE was very kind and we exchanged ideas but it became clear that the best path forward for me was another project altogether.
Acid Bubbles
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    - Don't process custom mouse bindings when mouse buttons are down - Ability to adjust mouse...
  3. Keybindings v1.1.1

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Latest reviews

As someone using a Dvorak keyboard layout, the ability to remap panning keys alone makes this a must-have.
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VAM wouldn't be the same without your awesome plugins! Thank you for the work you've done and keep doing.
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Amazing. I would love to see fuzzy search index improved if possible; for example, typing "Male Morphs" doesn't show anything since it's called AtomUi.MaleMorphsTab.

Maybe there's a simple way to index by capital letter and split with a space in between to get it into the search result?
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
The way the fuzzy search works is by matching letters, so you could do "MMrp" for example to quickly find what you're looking for :)
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Super valuable tool
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I just started using it, but the command mode (like vi) is the best! .select and clone are awesome! I'm a little disappointed that there are no explanations for the commands. I wonder if there is somewhere, .
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
I knooooow documenting them all would be great, but it's also a lot of work :D That'd be a good thing eventually, I'll write it down. In the meantime you can always see the VaM code it invokes here: https://github.com/acidbubbles/vam-keybindings/blob/master/src/Keybindings/GlobalCommands.cs#L45 (thanks for the feedback!)
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A necessity if you spend any amount of time in the VAM Editor. If nothing else, install this so you can delete atoms with a simple key press.
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Life saver!!!
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very nice! Thank you!
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Thank you Thank you Thank YOU, I ask for YEARS, for this!!!
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I finally tried it, and I must say I wasn't expecting so much possibilities! The ability to add specific atoms in one shortcut is awesome. And quickly navigate through tabs. And cloning *_*
Amazing work; I expect a big productivity boost once I get used to my own shortcuts! This is instant "Session plugin preset > Change user default" ;)
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