Plugins Keybindings v1.2.0

I finally tried it, and I must say I wasn't expecting so much possibilities! The ability to add specific atoms in one shortcut is awesome. And quickly navigate through tabs. And cloning *_*
Amazing work; I expect a big productivity boost once I get used to my own shortcuts! This is instant "Session plugin preset > Change user default" ;)
Simply necessary! Should absolutely be part of VaM 2.0 release.
You had me at "vim-like sequences"... Great work.
Thanks for the Plug! This helped speed up my work! ;))
Dat's right! I break yo stuff!

I'm just skimming the surface of what's possible but the FindCommand command is amazing. Very intuitive, if you think it should be possible, it probably is with this plugin. Great work as always.
Fantastic job! The fuzzy find is incredibly useful, and I love that other plugins can integrate to this.
This is like the Mercedes-Benz version of LFE's superb KeyboardShortcuts - it provides a wealth of much-needed customization options and support for user workflow to VaM 1.x's sparse user-interface. The many clever design choices are a treat, not to mention the 'hidden' features facilitating third-party plugin interfacing! Already an indispensible tool for Desktop-mode, added VR-controller support (if possible) would take it to the next level, particularly in combination with JayJayWon's UIAssist. One should hope that MeshedVR will integrate this gem into VaM's 2.0 version.
Top quality plugin, can no longer live without it.
move and rotate, I did not get my Blender precise control, but this is night and day difference. Well done!
This is a must have, no way around it when using VaM in desktop mode.
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