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  • TittyMagic 5 and beyond roadmap published on Patreon for everyone to check out: https://www.patreon.com/posts/68504554

    Summary -

    Planned for TittyMagic 5.0
    • Improving touch physics with hard colliders
    • Hard collider configuration and visualization
    • Many VAM physics limitations are lifted - back to the drawing board with physics defaults!
    • Possible adjustment of physics in response to forces
    • Physics customization and configuration
    Planned for 5.x or 6
    • Left/right asymmetry
    • Breast presets
    • Custom morphs
    • Advanced configuration of the plugin's internal parameters
    • Improve dynamic morphing, bring back gravity morphing
    • Custom colliders
    I hope you're excited - I sure am :D
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