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1 minute demo of the new Touch optimized mode (unmute the video!)

TittyMagic v2.1 :: Grab those puppies!

TittyMagic is an attempt to create more realistic breast physics behavior with little to no effort from the user. It automatically adjusts breast physics settings and breast pose morphs in different orientations.

The plugin is compatible with any morph affecting the breast area. You can load the plugin onto any female character and the model's breasts should automatically behave consistently for their size in animations, in whatever orientation your model is in, and when touched.

TittyMagic was originally inspired by and designed as an evolution over VeeRifter's BreastAutoGravity.


Load onto a person atom that has boobies of any size or shape.


Additional info
This plugin has Keybindings integration. When you have Keybindings active, enter "TittyMagic" in the fuzzy find.
Physics settings are updated whenever changes to breast morphs are detected. Changes to pose morphs are not detected. If you make drastic changes to breast size using a pose morph, be sure to refresh the physics settings by adjusting some non-pose breast morph!

Regarding leaning back and upside down poses - while you can use any breast morphs, the plugin doesn't yet know how to compensate for morphs that expand directionally. For example, all of the Breasts Shape 01 to 08 morphs expand downward and will remain unrealistically expanded downward when your model is on their back or upside down. To avoid this, I recommend using morphs that increase size as neutrally in all directions as possible. Some good examples are the various breast diameter morphs, Breast Large and Breasts Implants.

Because the plugin adjusts physics settings automatically, it's not very productive to tweak the physics settings manually. As soon as you change any breast morph or adjust the softness slider, physics settings will be recalculated and any changes you've made to the physics settings are overwritten.

The upper limit on mass is 2.000 (kg), and this sets an upper limit on the breast size the plugin can adjust to. Breasts larger than the upper limit will behave as if they weigh 2 kg, and the plugin UI will show if you're over the limit. Usually the result should still be pretty good.

About the example settings that were removed in v2.0: see this post.

Thanks to

@VeeRifter for the BreastAutoGravity plugin. I took the idea of adjusting morphs based on chest rotation angle from it, and a few lines of code.
@Virkan for pre-release testing and feedback (v1.0.0), it was very valuable!
@JayJayWon for help with scripting (v.1.0.0).
@nyaacho for the MorphMassManager plugin where I took a few bits and pieces in order to automatically detect and monitor changes to any breast morph.
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