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Early-Access End Date
Dec 18, 2022
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The current free version (v5.1.2) is available in the history tab.

TittyMagic 5

TittyMagic enables more realistic breast physics, optimizes colliders, and adjusts breast morphs dynamically. With TittyMagic 5, you can also customize physics and colliders beyond what's possible in Virt-A-Mate by default. A summary of features:
  • automatic breast physics settings based on breast mass/volume
  • automatic adjustment of breast shape in animations and different poses
    • v5.2: morphing is now more sensitive, accurate and dynamic as it's based on soft physics joint positions!
  • automatic adjustment of physics parameters with pose to simulate the effect of gravity
    • v5.2: gravity now acts independently on each breast!
  • advanced breast collision physics with a combination of optimized hard colliders and directional morphing
    • v5.2: collision physics is better due to the improved morphing
  • easily adjust breast behavior with Breast Softness, Breast Quickness and Breast Mass Offset sliders
  • tweak individual physics parameters further with offsets - all soft physics settings can be adjusted per group (main, outer, areola, nipple)
  • additional Twist Angle Target physics parameter
    • v5.2: improved behavior when upside down
  • tweak breast hard collider parameters: collision force, radius, x/y/z offset
  • visualize soft physics colliders when editing Fat Collider Radius and Fat Collider Depth
  • use adaptive collider friction to make breasts automatically slippery when skin is glossy
  • adjust nipple erection
  • customize the amount of morphing and the effect of gravity on breasts
Check the 5.2 update post for changes since 5.1, the 5.1 update post for changes since 5.0, and the 5.0 update post for a changes since TittyMagic 4.

ℹ User Guide

The TittyMagic Wiki covers all aspects of the latest free version (5.1), but almost all info also apply also to the current early access version (5.2). It explains features in detail and covers topics like troubleshooting and known issues. Feel free to message me if you think some info should be added, or if you can't find what you're looking for in the wiki.

To get the most out of the plugin, I highly recommend reading the Frame Rate, Physics Rate and Performance wiki page!

  • Acidbubbles, ProjectCanyon and via5 for Collider Editor
  • VeeRifter for the original idea behind chest rotation based morph adjustment
  • nyaacho for how to automatically detect any breast morph
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4.98 star(s) 60 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 5.2.1: Fixes & QOL

    Fixed an issue where detecting morph changes in order to auto-update breast mass didn't work for...
  2. TittyMagic 5.2: Improved morphing and breast gravity, various changes and fixes

    TittyMagic 5.2 is a pretty big release, significantly changing the way that morphing and breast...
  3. 5.1 end of early access

    Version 5.1.2 is now free! Check the previous update posts for changes compared to v5.0.6.

Latest reviews

MeshedVR should hire you to work on VAM2
I find this mod so essential, that I started supporting you on P and Im really hoping your Ass-Magic plugin is soon too be seen.
I have one issue with TM though: It does not work with clothing items, so Bras have no effect....or am I missing something?
Thanks for the review! That is a known issue. Proper clothing physics adjustments will be added in the future 🙂
sometimes I was thinking the (actual vam) evolution could be at a natural end, considering vam2 task is meshed priority, but that's totally, absolutely wrong, thanks to you and many other creatives. Thanks for this incredible result.
Well, my payment method can't be successful, so I can't experience this plug-in
Well that sucks. Thanks for the 5 stars 🙂. You can still download latest free version from the history tab above.

You could also take the payment issue up with Patreon support, maybe they can do something about it.
So impressive and easy to use. The quick auto-freeze for it to calibrate properly is *chefs kiss*
Just keeps getting better and better.
Epic plug-in! Come for the titties, stay for the magic!
The latest version (of aug 2022), is by far the best version I've used. Works very seamlessly, settings make sense and easy to use. Changes vanilla vam physics to another level. The only concern or wish is that there is a way to allow a setting to control Offset Y droop without recalibrating physics every time.
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