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Plugins TittyMagic 1.2.0

TittyMagic 1.2.0 :: This is the tits!

TittyMagic is an attempt to create more realistic breast physics behavior with less effort from the user. It automates adjustments to breast physics settings as well as breast pose morphs in different orientations based on just two parameters: scale and softness.

This plugin makes it extremely simple to have breasts that are the size you want and behave consistently for breasts of that size in animations, in whatever orientation your model is in, and when touched. It is intended as an evolution over BreastAutoGravity by VeeRifter, but it also does much more. There is no more need of tweaking breast physics settings manually or loading your own physics presets on different shaped models - at least that is the goal, and I'm very much looking forward to feedback for getting closer to that.

But before you jump in to load it on your own characters, play the TittyMagic Laboratories inspection demo scene, and come back to read this whole post if you haven't yet.

Usage 101

1. Make sure the model has default or very close to default size & shape breasts.
2. Load the plugin on the model.
3. Adjust scale and softness to where you want them.
4. Tweak the shape.


The example settings in the plugin apply a few morph tweaks on top of the ones automatically handled by the plugin. "Undo" zeroes those morphs.

How it works & caveats to understand

The plugin adjusts a baseline breast size morph as you change the scale slider. So scale actually means physical scale. This makes it possible to (1) link physical size to physics settings to automatically adjust them, and (2) weigh the different sideways, upside down, leaning back etc. morphs based on size.

While this makes it easy to get a good result with minimal effort, it also means that applying the plugin on a model that is using breast size morphs the plugin doesn't know about may not work that well - at least not yet. The same is true of body morphs that increase breast size. Note: If you want to just increase body scale, use the Person atom's Scale slider in the Control & Physics 1 tab, the plugin adjusts the Breast scale's effect to the atom scale.

Breast morphs that expand too much in one direction aren't yet compensated for when leaning back and going upside down. This means all Breasts Shape 01 to 08 morphs, for example, won't work perfectly except in upright orientation.

When you manually use morphs that change the size of the breasts in order to achieve a particular shape, try to compensate with morphs that reduce size so as not to throw off the plugin too much from calculating workable physics settings. Loading a physics preset is not supported across saves, but it does work in the current scene/session.

Thanks to

@VeeRifter for the BreastAutoGravity plugin. I took the idea of adjusting morphs based on chest rotation angle from it, and a few lines of code.
@Virkan for pre-release testing and feedback, it was very valuable!
@JayJayWon for help with scripting.
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