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TittyMagic 4

TittyMagic is an attempt to create more realistic breast physics behavior with little to no effort from the user. It automatically determines breast physics settings based on breast size and configuration options, and adjusts breast morphs dynamically.

In version 4, there's a single single physics and morphing setup which simultaneously works well for both animation and touch. There are no selectable modes anymore. Behavior in animations is pretty close to version 3, but collision behavior is vastly improved thanks to dynamic morphing now being used to full effect with collision physics, and physics settings being better rounded out.

Please read About section section below to get the most out of this plugin - especially the "Frame rate and physics rate" part!


💜 Adjust morphs dynamically based on forces:
  • morphing is independent for each breast and works in all directions; up/down, left/right, and forward/back
  • dynamic morphing and breast physics complement each other, producing better and more realistic looking motion and collision
💜 Automatic physics settings:
  • breast mass is calculated from estimated breast volume automatically, or set by the user
  • physics settings are calculated automatically from mass and other configuration options
💜 Configuration options and preferences:
  • breast mass
    • setting mass manually enables the plugin to calculate physics settings as if the breasts were smaller or larger than estimated automatically
  • breast softness
    • how rigid or malleable breasts are
    • adjusts almost all physics parameters and affects background calculations on how breasts should morph
  • breast quickness
    • how responsive and springy breasts are
    • adjusts springs, dampers, fat mass, fat distance limit and fat back force
    • higher quickness produces physics closer to v3 Animation optimized mode, while still being responsive to collision
    • very low quickness makes breasts laggy as if in slow motion
  • dynamic morphing multipliers
    • how easily breasts are morphed in each direction
    • high values can improve the touch physics of lower softness breasts
    • low values can make low softness breasts behave more like hard implanted breasts
    • high up/down morphing doesn't work well with high softness
    • lower forward/back morphing can make the deeper breast tissue feel more solid
  • gravity physics multipliers
    • how much chest angle affects physics settings such as target angles
  • offset morphing
    • how much breasts are rotated and lifted up to compensate for negative up/down angle when the person is standing up
  • nipple erection
    • adjust nipple morphs and nipple spring/damper
💜 Basic futa (male) character compatibility:
  • mass is automatically calculated and pectoral physics settings are automatically determined from mass
  • breast morphs are adjusted based on chest angle (similar to Balanced mode in earlier versions)
  • (futa characters lack soft physics)
This plugin has Keybindings integration. When you have Keybindings active, enter "TittyMagic" in the fuzzy find.


⚠ Frame rate and physics rate

For the best experience:
  1. limit frame rate to 60 (see below)
  2. set Physics Rate to 60 in user preferences
if you can also optimize your scene and adjust your preferences to produce a steady 60 frames per second and prevent frequent drops, even better. Low fps is a bit problematic for the dynamic morphing in my experience - but you be the judge.

It's a known issue that variable frame rate produces choppy/jerky animation, even if fps is high and above physics rate. I don't currently know of a solution to this other than to limit frame rate. It's not a big problem in VR where frame rate is synced to the headset's refresh rate, but on desktop, I highly recommend limiting your frame rate to 60 either by using VSync on a 60Hz monitor or by using the FrameRateControl plugin by MacGruber.

What about physics rates other than 60 though?
  • 45Hz generally doesn't look good, but might be feasible for lower performing systems or if you have HTC Vive and it's limiting your fps to 45 (half of its 90Hz refresh rate). Similarly, 90Hz is feasible on HTC Vive if you can manage 90 fps in VR.
  • 90Hz can also be feasible as long as your fps isn't all over the place but e.g. locked to 60.
  • The default "Auto" setting is not recommended, it tends to set it at 72Hz but your framerate is likely not locked to 72.
  • 120Hz works great as long as your CPU is powerful enough to prevent fps from dropping below 60.

Why does the plugin freeze animation?

The Freeze Sound/Motion checkbox is checked while the plugin calculates breast mass and calibrates the "neutral" position of the nipples relative to the chest (this is used to anchor the dynamic morphing). If breasts move during this time, the calibration will be off and breasts will morph weirdly, hence the freeze. Please avoid having anything collide against breasts during the freeze. Also avoid grab moving the person.

The freeze should only last about a second. If for some reason animation stays frozen when it wasn't frozen before the calibration - that's a bug, please report it! In this case you can workaround it by reloading the plugin.

If you're getting continuous freezes without any obvious reason why, you can disable the automatic recalibration by unchecking the Auto-update mass checkbox. Typically the reason for unexplained freezes is that some other plugin is animating morphs that affect breast vertices and aren't marked as pose morphs. (For plugin developers: please only use pose morphs for animation!)

Breast morphs to use with the plugin

While you can use any breast morphs in your looks, the plugin doesn't know how to compensate for morphs that expand directionally. A lot of breast morphs expand down - they have "gravity" built in to the morph. For example, all of the Breasts Shape 01 to Breasts Shape 08 morphs expand mostly downward. Using these will result in unrealistic downward hanging breasts when your model is leaning forward or back. To avoid this, I recommend using size morphs that expand as equally in all directions as possible. I tend to use Breasts Size, Breast large, diameter morphs and negative values on breast size reduction morphs to apply size in a way that works ideally with TittyMagic.

Similarly to downward expanding size morphs, there are morphs like Breast sag 1, Breast sag 2 and Breasts natural that apply "gravity" to breasts, but only in the downward direction. TittyMagic doesn't yet know how to undo this downward gravity effect.

Breast physics settings

Because the plugin adjusts physics settings automatically, manually tweaking breast physics settings in the built in menus is not recommended. Some settings are locked because the plugin adjusts them continuously, while other settings can be tweaked but only temporarily. Support for tweaking individual settings is being planned!

The upper limit on mass is 2.000 (kg), and currently this sets an upper limit on the breast size the plugin can adjust to. Improved support for larger than 2kg breasts is planned for a future version.

  • VeeRifter for the original idea behind chest rotation based morph adjustment
  • nyaacho for how to automatically detect any breast morph
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