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TittyMagic 5

TittyMagic enables more realistic breast physics, optimizes colliders, and adjusts breast morphs dynamically. With TittyMagic 5, you can also customize physics and colliders beyond what's possible in Virt-A-Mate by default.

Check the update post for screenshots of the plugin UI and detailed information about changes since TittyMagic 4.

Please read the About section below to get the most out of the plugin - especially the "Frame rate and physics rate" part!

Features Overview

Automatic breast physics. All physics settings and their dynamic adjustments, as well as morphing and collider settings are automatically optimized. Mass is calculated from breast volume automatically, and you can adjust breast softness and quickness to set the baseline breast behavior.

Advanced physics configuration. Tweak physics settings in detail. Mass can be set up to 3 kg (rather than the normal 2 kg limit). All soft physics settings can have different values for the main, outer, areola and nipple soft physics groups.

Hard collider configuration. Visualize hard colliders, adjust the amount of collision force and the size, shape and position of individual colliders.

Automatic breast gravity. Physics settings are adjusted with the model's chest angle, causing breasts to droop in the direction of gravity.

Directional force morphing. Forces applying movement to the breast change breast morphs in the direction of the movement. This makes breasts much more dynamic and realistic in animations and when touched.

Dynaming force physics. Some physics settings are also adjusted in response to the breast's movement.

The features are also explained in detail in the plugin UI.


While TittyMagic is intended for use with soft physics, it is also compatible with futa characters and disabled soft physics. However, hard colliders are currently nonexistent for futa characters and unoptimized for female characters with soft physics disabled.

As a rule, other plugins adjusting breast physics settings or breast hard colliders are not compatible, although depending on what those plugins do, things might still work without errors.

Other plugins adjusting breast morphs that aren't pose morphs can cause TittyMagic to detect that breast size has changed and trigger recalibration, causing animation to freeze repeatedly. This behavior can be disabled by unchecking the Auto-Update Mass checkbox in the plugin UI.

Do not use the F Breast Physics tabs while the plugin is active! Everything in those tabs can be controlled from the plugin UI.

This plugin has Keybindings integration. When you have Keybindings active, enter "TittyMagic" in the fuzzy find.

⚠ Frame rate and physics rate

For the best experience:
  1. limit frame rate to 60 (see below)
  2. set Physics Rate to 60 in user preferences
Even better if you also optimize your scene and adjust your preferences to get a steady 60 frames per second. This is because low or unstable frame rate can be problematic for the dynamic morphing.

In VR, frame rate is synced to the headset's refresh rate automatically, but it can still go above or below a threshold where it doesn't stick to the same value as physics rate.

On desktop, I highly recommend limiting your frame rate to 60 either by using VSync on a 60Hz monitor or with FrameRateControl by MacGruber.

What about physics rates other than 60 Hz?
  • The default "Auto" setting is not recommended, it tends to set it at 72Hz but your framerate is likely not locked to 72.
  • 45Hz generally doesn't look good, but might be feasible for lower performing systems or if you have HTC Vive and it's limiting your fps to 45 (half of its 90Hz refresh rate). Similarly, 90Hz is feasible on HTC Vive if you can manage 90 fps in VR.
  • 90Hz can also be feasible as long as your fps isn't all over the place but e.g. locked to 60.
  • 120Hz can look great as long as your CPU is powerful enough to prevent fps from dropping below 60.

Why does TittyMagic freeze animation?

The Freeze Sound/Motion checkbox is checked while the plugin calibrates the position of the nipples relative to the chest when no animation is ongoing. This is necessary for directional force morphing to work. If breasts move or are collided with during calibration, the result will be off and breasts will morph weirdly. Also avoid grab moving the person during calibration.

If for some reason animation stays frozen even though it wasn't frozen before calibration, that's a bug - feel free to report it! It might be that things work fine if you simply unfreeze the game, but if not, reloading the plugin typically solves the problem.

Breast morphs to use with the plugin

While you can use any breast morphs with TittyMagic, the plugin doesn't know how to compensate for morphs that expand directionally. A lot of breast morphs expand downward - they have "gravity" built in to the morph. For example, all of the Breasts Shape 01 to Breasts Shape 08 morphs expand mostly downward. Generally, it's best to use morphs that expand more equally in all directions, so that breasts will also look better when the character is leaning in different directions or upside down. Examples: Breasts Size, Breast large, diameter morphs, negative values on breast size reduction morphs.

Similarly to downward expanding size morphs, there are various breast pose morphs, and morphs like Breast sag 1, Breast sag 2 and Breasts natural that apply "gravity" to breasts, but only in the downward direction. Using too much of these morphs might produce an unrealistic shape in a non-upright pose.

  • Acidbubbles, ProjectCanyon and via5 for Collider Editor
  • VeeRifter for the original idea behind chest rotation based morph adjustment
  • nyaacho for how to automatically detect any breast morph
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