1. Dana Jefi

    Paid Looks Dana Jefi 1.0

    This look was chosen by my Patreon VIP tier. Join us for this look and over 150 more!!
  2. Titty paint

    Textures Titty paint 2024-04-19
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    16 Titty Paints
  3. Annexa Swirl

    Paid Looks Annexa Swirl 1.0

    Credits Epi - Lighting Bamair1984 - Hair Klpghz - Poses
  4. VamBoop

    Paid Plugins VamBoop v1.0.0 / 2.var

    Plugins available on Patreon Naturalis v1.4 alpha Enhanced realism for breasts, butt and female genitals. Dynamic adjustments and full customization. Naturalis v1.3 Natural behavior for breasts & butt. Automatic, dynamic adjustments and full customization. UXPlus v1.1 beta Usability...
  5. Misty Sparks

    Paid Looks Misty Sparks 1.0

    A Patreon request look! Credits Epi - Lighting ddaamm - Hair klphgz - Poses
  6. Pro - Titty Cammer

    Looks Pro - Titty Cammer 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

  7. Selena Melba (FREE)

    Looks Selena Melba (FREE) 2.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR PC

    One of my most popular looks is now FREE for BBW month! For more amazing looks and to commission a piece, join me on Patreon at Credits Epi/n00rp - Lighting VaMChan - Hair Oronan - Hair klphgz/MonsterShinkai - Poses Kemenate - Makeup
  8. Plus size Net dress for BBW/Chubby Models

    Clothing Plus size Net dress for BBW/Chubby Models 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR FC

    Dress is designed in such a way that Clothing will be few inches away from breasts so most of big breasts models will fit into this and even with sim texture enabled, big boobs will not break the dress. Specially designed for PLUS SIZE BIG BBW CHUBBY Models.
  9. qdaro morphs

    Morphs qdaro morphs 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Several of various female and some male morphs I've made for myself. Hopefully someone will find them useful too :) Here are some previews: NOTE: To make Bimbo Implants morphs look good, you need to play around with breast physics and decrease Target Angle. Otherwise they are angled too high...
  10. Angle Picky

    Paid Looks Angle Picky 1.0

    Back with a brand new look! Credits Epi - Lighting Roac - Hair klphgz - Poses
  11. Pushup Morphs

    Morphs Pushup Morphs 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR FC

    Could You Give Me Lift? Another AWWalker naughty bits Lover's resources. It's Your Dream, go enjoy the hell out of it. These are 6 morphs to help with pushups for the breasts, provides a little more realism to the upper lines of the chest when pushing up. Need to use cloth physics and good...
  12. M

    Question How to create round cleavage look?

    I'm trying to achieve the "upper cleavage / push up" look, where the curve of the breast is very evident along the upper edge, and overall the bust is very round, like the images above and typically found on real women with implants. I tend to find that most morphs create too strong a linear...
  13. asco's Small & Large Breast Morphs

    Morphs asco's Small & Large Breast Morphs 3
    Hub-Hosted VAR FC

    This resource is now FC and works with futa looks!! If you'd just like to leave me a tip for the work I do without the obligation of a monthly sub, or if you would like to commission something specific, I also have a ko-fi: These are some breast morphs that I...
  14. CassieUtopia

    Paid Looks CassieUtopia 1.0

    An amateur with a huge rack! This look was chosen by my Patreon VIPs, join for a chance to pick who I make next I am taking on commissions again, contact me via Patreon or for all inquiries. Credits Epi - Lighting Roac - Hair klphgz - Poses
  15. Cloudcover's Breast Morphs Set 1

    Morphs Cloudcover's Breast Morphs Set 1 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    Three up-and-in push-up cleavage morphs for small to large breasts. All are designed particularly with Cloudcover clothing sets in mind; these are the morphs I use for many of my promo images. The face morph/look, which I call Alfa, is available here. Many cleavage morphs push the clothing to...
  16. Hera Hatrick

    Paid Looks Hera Hatrick 1.0

    A legendary lookalike, chosen by my patrons. For this look and nearly 100 more check out my Patreon! Credits Epi/n00rp - Lighting Kemenate - Make up ddaamm - Hair klphgz - Poses
  17. Subject Eva

    Paid Looks Subject Eva 2

    Subject Eva is an advanced humanoid android created in 2278 as part of Project Venus, a program to achieve immortality through synthetic life. Check out the story based demo scene: Eva: Containment She comes in 4 distinct body types in human and cyborg variants. Each type uses a different...
  18. Lianne Whoa

    Paid Looks Lianne Whoa 1.0

    A babe with a giant rack! For this look and nearly 100 more check out my Patreon! Credits Epi/n00rp - Lighting ddaamm - Hair klphgz - Poses
  19. Caroline Padova

    Paid Looks Caroline Padova 1.0

    This look was made exclusively for my VIP patrons For this look and nearly 100 more check out my Patreon! Credits Epi/n00rp - Lighting Roac - Hair klphgz - Poses
  20. TittyMagic Friction Demo

    Scenes TittyMagic Friction Demo 2 (free)
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    This small scene demonstrates the adaptive friction feature of TittyMagic 5.1. Simply possess the guy and try it out! If your fps in VR is not stable, try turning off one of the lights from the UI panel, and adjust the intensity of the other two lights to your liking. Also check out the About...
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