1. d3ko

    Paid Looks Hera Hatrick 1.0

    A legendary lookalike, chosen by my patrons. For this look and nearly 100 more check out my Patreon! Credits Epi/n00rp - Lighting Kemenate - Make up ddaamm - Hair klphgz - Poses
  2. everlaster

    Paid Looks Subject Eva 2

    Subject Eva is an advanced humanoid android created in 2278 as part of Project Venus, a program to achieve immortality through synthetic life. Check out the story based demo scene: Eva: Containment She comes in 4 distinct body types in human and cyborg variants. Each type uses a different...
  3. d3ko

    Paid Looks Lianne Whoa 1.0

    A babe with a giant rack! For this look and nearly 100 more check out my Patreon! Credits Epi/n00rp - Lighting ddaamm - Hair klphgz - Poses
  4. d3ko

    Paid Looks Caroline Padova 1.0

    This look was made exclusively for my VIP patrons For this look and nearly 100 more check out my Patreon! Credits Epi/n00rp - Lighting Roac - Hair klphgz - Poses
  5. AshAuryn

    Morphs Breast Morphs by AshAuryn 2

    4 Original Breast Shaping Morphs by AshAuryn. Flat, Small, Medium, Large. Part of the early-access re-release of the larger pack with over 50 morphs: Scene image credits: Headband Hairstyle 10 by @VaMChan...
  6. AshAuryn

    Paid Early-Access Morphs AshAuryn Breast Morphs Pack Re-Release 2022-09-30

    Re-release of legacy breast morph pack. Over 50 breast shaping morphs by AshAuryn. Sizes range from flat to large. Scene image credits: Headband Hairstyle 10 by @VaMChan ribon_1 by LO...
  7. everlaster

    Scenes TittyMagic Friction Demo 2 (free)

    This small scene demonstrates the adaptive friction feature of TittyMagic 5.1. Simply possess the guy and try it out! If your fps in VR is not stable, try turning off one of the lights from the UI panel, and adjust the intensity of the other two lights to your liking. Also check out the About...
  8. pepewigs

    Textures Breast Veins 2

    Breast veins textures (decals) for my fellow patrician veiny breasts enjoyers. Comes at 25%, 50%, and 75% opacity, freckled variations (credits: RenVR's Samantha and Alter3go for torso freckles decal). Download the Lite version, which has a considerably smaller size, for the base set without...
  9. Zerg3D

    Looks Gee Lashay 3

    Gee Lashay is a nude pinup from the 90s. She only ever performed solo in any of her videos.
  10. SCAMP

    Textures SCAMP's Breast Veins 1.1

    A collection of textures to create sexy breast veins for your ladies! The textures come in 12 different styles with three settings of transparency each. Transparency level 25 is the most visible, level 15 I deem being the most realistic but, as usual, it depends on the character. I Did this...
  11. Syrinxo

    Morphs Ass'td Breast Morphs Pack by SupaRioAmateur 1

    This includes 6 pages of versatile breast morphs by @SuperRioAmateur. The VAR came included with one of his looks but was not shared separately, so with his permission (Thanks!) I am posting them here. (Just to be clear, the ones that Hannah uses are basically imperceptible tweaks to her side...
  12. biochrisd

    Paid Looks Mileena! MK verision 1

    For more of my custom morphs for Virt-A-Mate, please support me here! Thank you!
  13. VRKanojoFucker

    Looks Sachiko 2

    Sachiko is a short blonde with unique breasts and hips. Scene path: Saves/scene/VRKanojoFucker/sachiko_san.json Look path: Saves/Person/VRKanojoFucker/sachiko_san.json Scene has these extra dependencies: * MacGruber.PostMagic.3 * VamXFan.Sudio_Photo_Env.latest My first proper VaM package...
  14. Bob Nothing

    Looks A Killer Queen 2021-03-30

    A look inspired by a killer queen… Includes custom morph created for the project.
  15. Bob Nothing

    Looks Sara 1

    This is Sara. Sara lives in Alaska where it’s cold, so she always wears her trusted flannel shirt to help keep warm. Sara is adventurous, kind, sweet, and fully embraces her lust without regard. She likes to experiment with different items to use as dildos to satisfy her needs. Let's just say...
  16. noheadnoleg

    Paid Scenes [NHNL] Procedure for Breastjob Play 3 a

    Lying style & massage for breast-job play. procedure, based on timeline + action blocks. Thus, you can build your own playing sequence. Enjoy it.
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