1. Bob Nothing

    Looks Sara 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    This is Sara. Sara lives in Alaska where it’s cold, so she always wears her trusted flannel shirt to help keep warm. Sara is adventurous, kind, sweet, and fully embraces her lust without regard. She likes to experiment with different items to use as dildos to satisfy her needs. Let's just say...
  2. noheadnoleg

    Paid Scenes [NHNL] Procedure for Breastjob Play 3 a

    Lying style & massage for breast-job play. procedure, based on timeline + action blocks. Thus, you can build your own playing sequence. Enjoy it.
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  13. everlaster

    Scenes TittyMagic Laboratories inspection 2 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    ( ͝סּ ͜ʖ͡סּ) Hello inspector, TittyMagic is a new startup hoping to benefit from your experienced hands. Our little VR test site is all set up. Stand at the center of your play area facing forward, get rid of distractions, and make sure your VR hands are set to collision on. You might need both...
  14. everlaster

    Plugins TittyMagic 5.2.4 (free) / 70.var Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA TittyMagic is made obsolete by Naturalis which includes BootyMagic and a newer version of TittyMagic in a single package. (Naturalis is in early access until June 6.) _____ TittyMagic 5 TittyMagic enables more realistic breast physics...
  15. Jet1728

    Scenes Titty Drop 2 CC BY

    My first attempt at posting to the Hub. I don't think I have used any paid resources here, but if you spot something, let me know and I will fix it.
  16. Itoa

    Paid Morphs Overflowing Bra Morphs Pack 1

    Hey fellas! Here they are, 4 bra morphs to make the boobs look too big for different types of clothes! This is just V1 and I hope to update them in the future when I figure out how to make the curves smoother! Drop them in: VaM\Custom\Atom\Person\Morphs\female Love Itoa <3 Gallery...
  17. Cloudcover

    Morphs Cloudcover Bust Morph 01 (LEGACY) 1.0 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    ***Please note this morph has now been rolled into Morph Set 1, this page only left on the Hub so as to not break people's dependencies*** An up-and-in push up cleavage morph for medium breasts. Many cleavage morphs push the clothing to the centre of the chest along with the breasts, this...
  18. MalMorality

    Scenes Breast Physics Lab 1.2 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    Want to nail that perfectly realistic or stylized boob behavior you have in your mind? This scene will make the process much simpler for you. Just keep your eyes on the Breast Physics tabs, and let the scenes built in animations give you feedback to your changes on the fly. Just load your own...
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