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A collection of textures to create sexy breast veins for your ladies! The textures come in 12 different styles with three settings of transparency each. Transparency level 25 is the most visible, level 15 I deem being the most realistic but, as usual, it depends on the character.


I Did this for fun and threw it up on the HUB for other titty fans to use as well. They are rather easily created but make quite a difference. Especially if you're into mature women and/or big tits this is a must! I might update with more in the future if I get the inspiration.

Feel free to use for whatever! A credit would be nice.


An example Level 15 decorating a pair of large pale breasts, crowning this beautiful cleavage.

Bluish breast veins are fairly common among women and reasons may be diverse. Most often the veins occur for women with inflated breasts such as during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

They may also appear with age, from exposure to sun, from hormonal changes or as a result of breast enlargement surgery. The veins are a sign of increased blood flow in the breasts, therefore they are a sure sign of large boobs!

In other words, you can use the breast veins for any character, but they are especially good for MILF's and generally, women with large tits. So for increased realism, add breast veins to characters with large boobs.

How to use: Place the var in your AddonPackages folder. Open your girl's Skin Textures/Decal/Torso selection and navigate to the SCAMP's Breast Veins .VAR and select between the different styles and transparencies there. There are many options so be sure to go through them carefully and find the one just right for your girl.

Feel free to ask me if there's anything you're wondering!

Example01.jpg Example02.jpg Example03.jpg 1632451294.jpg MistyBreastVeins.jpg
Example usage of breast veins on a few of my characters.

Thanks to SolidVault for pushing me in the right direction to publish this. I've been doing breast veins like this for my own characters for a long time and never thought of publishing this until now.


The guys will be impressed by your new sexy veiny boobs!


Design number 10 from update 1.1, here with transparency setting 20 decorating a pair of big fake tits.


SCAMP's Breast Veins in combination with
Riddler's Skin 6


Do you like BIG TITS? So do I. Check out my work! Most of my girls are well endowed!

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    1.1 Added more vein designs taking the number up to 12 with three transparency settings each...

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These add realism to breasts of all shapes and sizes! Amazing how small details like this can have a huge impact on VR immersion. If you ever find yourself looking for a new project, we definitely need more blood vessel decals!
Thanks! I'm so glad you like it! And yeah, they do add a certain layer of realism!
These are amazing! Thanks so much!
Thanks! I never thought they'd be so popular, but I'm glad people are enjoying them!
Thanks! Glad you like it!
Omfg <3
This is the addition you never knew you needed! And neither did I until SolidVault told me to publish it!
Very useful , thanks for sharing!
Thanks! Yeah these will come in handy in the future.
nice thanks
Thanks for liking!
Awesome. Great textures, I love it, keep adding to that realism. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks mate! Glad you like it!
This definitely adds more realism to my models! Thank you!
I've been doing this to my girls for like forever. I don't know why I didn't think of releasing this until now cause all the rest of you titty fans can enjoy it too. Glad you like it!
Thanks for the idea! They're fun to do. I might do even more variations. These are the "basic" ones I saw when researching.
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