1. P

    Scenes Toy Determination 2021-04-30

    NOTE: Set Physics Rate to 80HZ and Physics Cap to 2 Hair: - Summer V by Roac Textures: - Freckles by Alter3go - Nipples by IP - Tanlines by DJ - Blush by Alter3go - Makeup by kemenate Theres also a hidden button in the UI to stop the cycleforce, but it kind of breaks the toys position...
  2. Itoa

    Paid Looks Ness - The Sunkissed 1

    The summertime princess. Hair: Skin: Clothes...
  3. AlpacaLaps

    Paid Scenes Beep Beep - Lapdance 2

    /////HOTFIX#1 -Revamped clothing to sort clipping issues -Added new clothing triggers -Reduced fur count to improve fps (hopefully) -Adjusted lighting -Released Extended version for Director tier ///// Hello there! I hope you had a wonderful Easter! I was a little bit occupied with the...
  4. Itoa

    Paid Looks Kiri - The Gym Thot 1

    Skin: Hair: Top: Pants: Shoes...
  5. Itoa

    Paid Looks Danielle & Bri - The Twins 1

    Danielle (blonde) & Bri (redhead) are twins, but with their own twist. One busty and preppy, the other thicker and edgy. Little something for everyone! Skin: Hair...
  6. Itoa

    Paid Looks Estel - The Gostosa 1

    Brazilian, Thick, Cute, Bad, What more do you want? Skin: Hair: Get her at: As always, thank you! Please...
  7. AlpacaLaps

    Scenes Chocolate Cream - Lapdance 8

    UPDATE #2 I wasn't happy with Chocolate Cream, it was my first creation so it deserved some love. I'm learning a lot of new stuff so I wanted to make it better and in line with my latest release. I redid the whole animation, reworked the lighting setup, implemented hand poses and expressions...
  8. SCAMP

    Looks Nadia 1.1

    Nadia, 28, from St.Petersburg, Russia, started playing tennis in her teens, inspired by the great successful Russian players. Nadia became an international phenomenon, not only because she was an accomplished tennis player, but also because of her stunning good looks. Now, she's a glamour model...
  9. Tiseb

    Paid Looks Lea 2021-01-20

    This is Lea: she is 19 years old, she spends her time at the library, she is very shy . Today she is trying to do a photo shoot. (scene with little animation) Her biggest sin is reading and bad boys ... she likes to be dominated and that's what you will see soon ;)
  10. Itoa

    Paid Looks Astra 1

    Hey fellas, say hello to my 2nd exclusive look, Astra. Hope you dig her as much as me! Hair: Clothes: Eyes: Download Her...
  11. Tiseb

    Paid Scenes Andrea Drives 2020-12-20

  12. Vam_Architect_Porter

    Paid Morphs Normal 4 (Body Only Morph) v1

    All Content Screenshots Link Environment Content Click Here
  13. soupface27

    Looks Tesla Foul 2020-11-15

    U.S. pinup model with big community assets. Works pretty well with or without her glasses - depends on your preference. -Uses the in game Candy skin -Model made using morphs including - Kemenate's Unisex Morphs, SupaRioamateur's Breast Morphs, Tenstrip Morphs(An3k), Reloaded Lite (Spacedog)...
  14. Virtualrealityart

    Paid Looks karie 2 2

    Karie 2 Even more stunning
  15. Virtualrealityart

    Paid Looks Karie 2

    Here it is, the first post. This is version 2, let me know what you think and how she can be improved, The real fans of her will recognise her straight away. I will post more updates of her and some scenes plus other stars in the near future.
  16. MalMorality

    Scenes Breast Physics Lab 1.2

    Want to nail that perfectly realistic or stylized boob behavior you have in your mind? This scene will make the process much simpler for you. Just keep your eyes on the Breast Physics tabs, and let the scenes built in animations give you feedback to your changes on the fly. Just load your own...
  17. kemenate

    Clothing [unisex] Tassel Pasties with 50+ Presets 1

    Tassel Pasties as Hair Items for Male/Futa and Female. 11 items: tassel pastie bases. Neutral default color for easier colorization each of them with 17 Material Presets (can be applied without changing the tassel style) each of them with 3 full Style Presets -> That's 11*3 = 33 completely...
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