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  • You’re style is astonishing i subbed got alot of throwbacks and nostalgia keep up the nice work!
    SoftlyGaloshes ASMR, Moona ASMR, Frivolous Fox ASMR, KittyKlaw ASMR. Basically just fuck me up with asmr chicks.
    Also, do you have any tips for creating lookalikes? I get pretty close to some but it's off just enough to be wrong.
    Yes! I use mainly Facegen, Photoshop, and do basically ALL the sculpting on VAM

    I have planned to do a whole video on my processes when I have the time but I can drop a couple tips that arent already in the tutorials I've seen here:


    - ai image enhancers can really help any source images you may have. I personally use a version of Stable Diffusion but you can search "ai portrait enhancer" and see what's out there!

    - when doing the points for the "cheek bones", if you are getting weird results, try putting the points wider or different heights than the actual cheek bones.
    Trying this usually fixes faces when the results before were'nt getting the sides of the brows

    - if front face source image is tilted down or up a bit, try changing the height of the "jaw" points, that usually helps

    - any hair on the forehead could give a weird head shape result, I recommend painting over bangs and such in Photoshop or any image editing software before putting in Facegen, HUGE time saver

    Photoshop (or gimp or photo3d or whatever)

    - I copied the Face example images on Facegen ( that dudes face ) and use those as a template for how to orientate my source images.
    This will help you match the size of your Side head image, in case it is from a different source, to your Front head image

    - match your source images color with a default skin on VAM that's closest to what you want ( this tip is on a tutorial but is super important )


    - Before making adjustments, make sure your model is the height you want. The height seems to make minor changes to the face.
    After adjusting height, there is a "upper torso length" or height morph that you might find useful as well

    - Do NOT do a bunch of tiny adjustments trying to get every small crease and curve perfect, it will almost always come out a mess
    Just focus on: Head shape and Face Proportions.
    I like to stick to morphs with "Smooth" or "Define" and broad shape morphs when I can.
    - favorite the morphs you like amd try to stick to the ones you know
    - Save your model as a new look evertime you do a major edit!! I have several versions of every model and often have to go back after spending too much time on a detail and breaking the model

    - I usually put the model's Facegen morph to around the middle, sometimes lower

    - Head shapes and Face depth morph!!

    I always use the Face Depth morph and slam it to the right, sometimes I pull it back a tick depending on the model

    There is a morph pack on here somewhere that has some head shape morphs labeled "Head Shape Fix" or something similar and these have been awesome for my creations. I'll try to find the link on here.

    - Cranium and forehead morphs!
    These should do a lot of work for your face and hair styles should you dial these in early
    I use "Cranium Size" and "Cranium height" to dial in the overall size and shape.
    In conjunction with "Forehead height" and "Forehead slope" "Forehead Width" and "Forehead Top Width" you should be able to get the head shape down. There aren't many morphs around these 2 parts so I'd suggest playing around with them incase you have some trouble

    - I've recently been playing with the "Upper Face Height" morph and bringing the eyes and brows lower to decent results

    - The default eyes are also too big if you are going for realistic so I usually make the eyes smaller ( around -250 to -550 )

    I have TONS more stuff but yeah, these are just some things off the top of my head. Hope they help!

    Also will look into those ASMR people
    As I do mostly lookalikes, I'm open to suggestions for my next projects :)
    Reference images would help but not necessary. I like to find my own images usually but knowing the "era" of the subject does help!

    Lookin at Morgan webb, may consider...
    Nice, I suggest Holly Peers, at her nuts magazine era would be great :)
    forgot to post update
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