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Naturalis v1.2

NEW IN V1.2:
  • Improved hard colliders: better and more precise positions and sizes with much less clipping, improved friction, adjustable depth from skin surface, adjustable collider spring and damper, new default settings
  • Counter sag with morphs to keep the originally intended breast shape using the Joint Base Angle parameter. The parameter is applied automatically and can be offset manually.
  • New defaults for breast joint physics settings, an incremental improvement to realism
  • Joint Angle Limit parameters that are calibrated to different breast sizes and softness values and can be offset manually
  • Fixes/QOL - see update post
Naturalis is a natural behavior plugin for breasts and glutes, combining TittyMagic and BootyMagic into a single package. It automatically controls physics parameters, colliders, morphs and more, and unlocks customization of physics far beyond what is possible in VAM by default. BootyMagic only works on female person atoms.

Basic Usage

Add Naturalis.cslist to a Person atom. If needed, adjust softness and quickness or other parameters to your liking and click to calibrate the plugin.

ℹ Naturalis v1.2 requires VAM version 1.20 or newer. In addition, using the auto-update scripts requires VAM version or newer.

Documentation & Video Tutorials


Naturalis controls breast and glute physics parameters, morphs and colliders automatically.

The automatic adjustments have been carefully fine tuned with each other so that the resulting behavior for different softness and quickness values makes sense for a wide range of breast and glute sizes.

In addition to automatic adjustments, there's a lot that can be manually configured and fine tuned.
  • Automatic breast and glute physics/behavior based on softness, quickness and mass
  • Additional joint physics parameters exposed for adjustment
  • Fine grained, gradient based control of soft physics parameters
  • Adjustment of breast sag using a base angle parameter (exists for glutes as well)
  • Dynamic adjustment of soft physics based on local skin stretching and compression
  • Dynamic morphing of breasts and glutes
  • Adjustment of physics with pose to simulate the effect of gravity
  • Optimized and configurable hard colliders
  • Adaptively adjusting collider friction based on skin gloss
  • Visualization for physics gradient, local distortion physics, hard colliders and soft colliders
  • ... and more!
For information about clothing adjustment profiles, see the v1.1 early access update post and the documentation.

Known Issues

Reloading packages or enabling/disabling some package in Package Manager can cause morphing to stop working. Workaround: reload the plugin.TBD
Only default atom scale (1.000) is supportedFull support in v1.3
Adjusting Gravity in the Scene Misc settings is not fully supportedTBD

Previous Versions

  • A comprehensive clothing adjustment system for breasts and glutes
  • Improved physics and customization of gravity
  • Simulation of gravity in different directions
  • Futa breast soft physics and hard colliders
  • Improvements to morphing
  • Various quality of life improvements and fixes
  • Soft physics gradient - adjust soft physics values smoothly along a curve from outer edge to center of breast
  • Local distortion physics - enable soft physics to respond to local stretching and distortion, individually for every soft joint
  • All new calibration system which is more accurate and convenient
  • Improved softness and quickness implementations
  • Physics parameters, morphs, and collider properties fine tuned to produce better overall behavior
  • Behavior is separately optimized for disabled vs. enabled soft physics
  • Apply countergravity to glute joint to produce lift without losing inertia
  • Adjust the effect gravity on breast physics individually for each physics parameter
  • Save and load presets in-plugin
  • Save global user preferences
  • Calibration data is stored in scene JSON, preventing a calibration freeze when the scene is loaded
  • Various usability improvements and bug fixes

  • Stopper for the [Experimental] Breast Physics for Male/Futa plugin
  • Acidbubbles, ProjectCanyon and via5 for Collider Editor
  • VeeRifter for the original idea behind chest rotation based morph adjustment
  • nyaacho for how to automatically detect any breast morph
  • All of my patrons for supporting the development of this plugin! Thank you 🤍
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v1.2.5 (54.var)
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    fixed issue where the instant calibration on scene load would not reset the Pending state...
  3. v1.2.3

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!> Naturalis: Morph with uid 'Custom/Atom/Person/Morphs/female/everlaster/TittyMagic/Clothing/Reduce Size L.vmi' not found. Please report the issue!
I can't use it
Hi, reviews are not the proper place to report bugs. You can use the discussion tab for that. As for your issue, don't unpack the var, just put the var file into AddonPackages and then load the plugin from inside the var package. Thanks for the review!
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Latest Version 43 works like a charm. Revolutionary stuff!
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