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Naturalis v1.1

*New in v1.1:*
  • a comprehensive clothing adjustment system for breasts and glutes
  • improved physics and customization of gravity
  • simulation of gravity in different directions
  • futa breast soft physics and hard colliders
  • improvements to morphing
  • various quality of life improvements and fixes
Find more information in the v1.1 early access update post: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/naturalis.33647/update/52480/

Naturalis combines TittyMagic and BootyMagic into a single package. TittyMagic comes with many improvements compared to the last standalone version, and BootyMagic is now equally advanced in terms of features, although BootyMagic only works on female characters.

TittyMagic automatically enables more realistic breast motion and collision, while BootyMagic does the same for the butt. And you can configure everything way beyond what's possible in Virt-A-Mate by default!

Playable demo scene: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/naturalis-v1-demo.33646/ (depends on v1.0 but works with v1.1 as long as you remove/disable the old version's var package.)

Basic Usage

Add Naturalis.cslist to a Person atom. If needed, adjust softness and quickness or other parameters to your liking and click to calibrate the plugin.

You can upgrade automatically from TittyMagic 5.x to Naturalis using the "Auto-upgrade from TittyMagic 5.cs" script (see documentation below for details).

ℹ Naturalis v1.1 requires VAM version 1.20 or newer. In addition, using the auto-update scripts requires VAM version or newer.

Documentation & Video Tutorials


Naturalis controls breast and glute physics parameters, morphs and colliders automatically.

The automatic adjustments have been carefully fine tuned with each other so that the resulting behavior for different softness and quickness values makes sense for a wide range of breast and glute sizes.

In addition to automatic adjustments, there's a lot that can be manually configured and fine tuned.
  • Automatic breast and glute physics/behavior based on softness, quickness and mass
  • Fine grained, gradient based control of soft physics parameters
  • Configurable dynamic adjustment of soft physics based on local skin stretching and compression
  • Dynamic morphing of breast and glute shape
  • Adjustment of physics with pose to simulate the effect of gravity
  • Optimized and configurable hard colliders
  • Adaptively adjusting collider friction based on skin gloss
  • Visualization for physics gradient, local distortion physics, hard colliders and soft colliders
  • ... and more!
Major new feature in v1.1: clothing adjustment profiles. More information in the v1.1 early access update post and the documentation.

Known Issues

Default clothing profile does not take effect if the clothing item is already equipped when adding the plugin. No issue when loading a scene where the plugin is added and the clothing is equipped.

Workarounds: (a) load default profile after the plugin is initialized, or (b) only enable the clothing item after adding the plugin.
Fixed in v1.2-beta4 / 47.var
Does not work on a disabled person atomFixed in v1.2-beta2 / 46.var
Only default atom scale (1.000) is supportedFull support will be added in v1.2
Adjusting Gravity in the Scene Misc settings is not fully supportedTBD


  • Soft physics gradient - adjust soft physics values smoothly along a curve from outer edge to center of breast
  • Local distortion physics - enable soft physics to respond to local stretching and distortion, individually for every soft joint
  • All new calibration system which is more accurate and convenient
  • Improved softness and quickness implementations
  • Physics parameters, morphs, and collider properties fine tuned to produce better overall behavior
  • Behavior is separately optimized for disabled vs. enabled soft physics
  • Apply countergravity to glute joint to produce lift without losing inertia
  • Adjust the effect gravity on breast physics individually for each physics parameter
  • Save and load presets in-plugin
  • Save global user preferences
  • Calibration data is stored in scene JSON, preventing a calibration freeze when the scene is loaded
  • Various usability improvements and bug fixes
Physics overhaul
  • The new physics system adjusts the Fat Spring, Fat Damper, Fat Mass, Fat Collider Radius, Fat Collider Depth and Fat Distance Limit parameters individually for every soft joint on the skin surface
  • Values are calculated along a smooth gradient from the outer edge to the center
    • configure the gradient per parameter
    • the gradient is visualized to make it easy to how the value changes along the surface
  • Local Distortion Physics (LDP): individual joint values are updated in real time in response to the joint's distance from its neighboring joints
    • configure the amount and sensitivity of the change in a parameter's value with compression and stretching
    • the local change in value is visualized
  • All physics parameters readjusted and rebalanced, both in terms of default values, and how the values change when adjusting softness, quickness and mass and soft physics enabled vs disabled
  • Quickness is now an offset slider from -1 to 1, with 0 being the default
  • Gravity physics is adjustable per physics parameter
  • Configure the amount of gravity counterforce which lifts breasts, countering the weight caused by mass, but without losing the inertia of mass
Calibration system overhaul
  • Calibrating loads the person in a standard pose that produces a consistent result for breasts and glutes and ensures that morphing and any other dynamic adjustments are correctly set up
  • Calibration button(s) always visible when the person is selected
  • Adjusting a setting that requires calibration just puts calibration to pending, waiting for you to trigger it
    • easily adjust multiple parameters and calibrate when ready
    • undoing changes before calibrating will also unset the pending state
  • General improvements to calibration accuracy and optimizations to the time it takes
  • When Local Distortion Physics (LDP) is enabled, calibration is multi-directional and takes longer
  • Calibration data is stored in scene JSON, preventing a calibration freeze when the scene is loaded
    • This only works if calibration is not pending when the scene is saved
User preferences
  • User preferences are saved to file and apply to all Naturalis plugin instances when the plugin is added
  • Available preferences
    • Calibrate on UI closed
    • Calibrate on preset loaded
    • Monitor: check for size changes
    • Local distortion physics enabled by default
    • Local distortion physics update rate
  • Save presets (separately for TittyMagic and BootyMagic) to file
  • The default paths for presets are:
    • Saves/PluginData/Naturalis/BootyMagicPresets
    • Saves/PluginData/Naturalis/TittyMagicPresets
  • Load preset from plugin UI or with a LoadPresetWithPath trigger action
    • the file browser that opens will search for presets in the above paths inside AddonPackages as well, and you can see the shortcuts to those packages just like with other resource types in VAM
  • Rebalanced the default amount of morphing and how it changes with softness and mass
  • Amount of morphing is a bit different with soft physics enabled vs disabled
  • When leaning forward, breasts will pull apart to prevent excessive clipping with large breasts when soft physics is off
  • Breasts expand a bit more when pushed in to help preserve volume better
  • Hard collider mass is significantly reduced when soft physics is disabled to make the force required to move the breasts more comparable to when soft physics is enabled
  • Fixed Right/Left Angle Target and Up/Down Angle Target triggerable param names being mixed up
  • When leaning back, spring will now increase instead of decreasing to prevent breasts from drooping to the side too much
  • Loading a pose preset or morph preset is now detected automatically, and any duplicate morphs (referencing old TittyMagic vars) in the preset are zeroed
  • When in the Female Morphs or Male Morphs tab, Naturalis's morph updates are disabled by default, allowing you to more easily adjust the person's morphs while the plugin is active
  • Tweaks to how collider friction changes with gloss and specular bumpiness
  • Reorganized and improved UI
  • The plugin UI now shows the female-only elements like the soft physics parameter navigation buttons as disabled when added to a male character
  • Triggerable parameter names are consistent with the plugin UI
  • Increased spring max value to 200
  • Renamed TittyMagic morphs to have a TM_ prefix instead of TM5_

  • Stopper for the [Experimental] Breast Physics for Male/Futa plugin
  • Acidbubbles, ProjectCanyon and via5 for Collider Editor
  • VeeRifter for the original idea behind chest rotation based morph adjustment
  • nyaacho for how to automatically detect any breast morph
  • All of my patrons for supporting the development of this plugin! Thank you 🤍
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 22 ratings

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    Some relatively impactful bugs fixed: Fixed bug in glute depth morphing calculation when soft...
  3. v1.1.12

    If High Quality Physics is enabled in VAM user preferences, the plugin now notifies about that...

Latest reviews

!> Naturalis: Morph with uid 'Custom/Atom/Person/Morphs/female/everlaster/TittyMagic/Clothing/Reduce Size L.vmi' not found. Please report the issue!
I can't use it
Hi, reviews are not the proper place to report bugs. You can use the discussion tab for that. As for your issue, don't unpack the var, just put the var file into AddonPackages and then load the plugin from inside the var package. Thanks for the review!
Upvote 0
Latest Version 43 works like a charm. Revolutionary stuff!
Upvote 0
absolutely revolutionary!
Upvote 0
This plugin is transformative and is a default include in any scene. Enabling local distortion makes you forget its VaM (as long as your system can handle it on top of everything else in VaM).
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absolutely essential plugin. though I did start getting weird effects on some models with the newer updates. some suddenly get super flat breasts, supper saggy breasts and others suddenly look like something is pulling the model's nipples. I'm not quite sure what's causing it. still, it'll probably get ironed out.
Hi, thanks for the review. Please message me directly about any bugs you're encountering - I'm not experiencing anything like what you describe, and help in figuring out how to reproduce those issues would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Naturalis is an *absolutely essential* plugin if you intend on looking at any ANYTHING jiggly! Go support Everlaster so we can keep getting great stuff like this!
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I admit i never used naturalis because i mainly use futas and i didn't know you added futa support to breasts. Thank you really very very much! <3
Upvote 0
Incredible plugin! Great work on this, physics are realistic and highly configurable too. Can't recommend highly enough.
Upvote 1
A bit shocked by the trailer, hope this wonderful plugin and Everlaster get more populated.
Upvote 1
Amazing work thank you so much for sharing. This adds so much to the immersion and is a real delight to watch in action 😍
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