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booty magic

  1. H

    Glute Presets

    Anyone know the preset settings for this??? https://x.com/icyshadowx/status/1665594268285583371?s=46&t=ketb4KuHhaqoFxLIYmBvdA
  2. Naturalis (free)

    Plugins Naturalis (free) v1.2.5 (54.var)
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-ND

    https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/naturalis.33647/ Naturalis v1.2 NEW IN V1.2: Improved hard colliders: better and more precise positions and sizes with much less clipping, improved friction, adjustable depth from skin surface, adjustable collider spring and damper, new default settings...
  3. Naturalis

    Paid Plugins Naturalis v1.3.5 (69.var)

    Plugins available on Patreon Naturalis v1.3 Natural behavior for breasts & butt. Automatic, dynamic adjustments and full customization. UXPlus v1.1 beta Usability improvements focusing on the VAM user interface. Default Scene Manager v1.0 Select scene to load on VAM start, and create...
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