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What it looks like when showing all data (min/max enabled, frame times enabled, heap size enabled):


The main purpose I built this was to accurately monitor the heap size and detect memory leaks. But you can just use it as a frame rate overlay as well. There's a lot of potential ways to extend this plugin with additional features - if there's something you think would be particularly useful, let me know!

You can configure how often the overlay updates, what data is shown, how many decimals are used, and you can also position the overlay in any corner of the screen with a customizable margin.

Frame rates and frame times can show either just the average value, or the average, min and max values. The values are calculated within an interval defined by the "Data buffer length" slider, so e.g. if that's 1 second, you always see the average, min and max values over the past second.

The overlay is also shown on the monitor view in VR (regardless of whether the Monitor is enabled!) - this can be toggled off.

About overhead

The overlay's own impact on heap size is not zero, but it's very minimal. Using default settings in an empty scene with no other plugins, you'll see the heap size build up slowly at a rate of about 0.1 MB per 15-20 seconds. I suspect most of this is due to VAM itself. It's impossible to get this down to zero, unfortunately. If you show more data, more decimal places and reduce update interval, heap size will build up more quickly. Regardless, it'll pale in comparison to actual memory leaks and to large bumps in memory use when adding/loading something, which is the purpose of showing the heap size in the overlay.
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Excellent Idea. Is it possible to individualize error details as part of this plugin. My error log is enormous on the initial load of VAM, I usually clear my cache and review the errors it, but there in no way to isolate what the loaded scene errors are. Maybe it is a non concern for most , but I feel the errors cause crashes and based on how they are reported now, it is overwhelming to repair.
Thank you. I think anything to do with the error log is outside the scope of this plugin, but you're right that the error log can be a mess!
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