1. squall12990

    Paid Clothing Dress 16A 1.0

    Two part outfit, dress and thong. Though calling a leaf strapped to a crotch a thong is a bit of a stretch :D Dress has a new way of doing physic's for me, should fit a lot looser and not just start where the dress starts to drape. So it creases and does wrinkles real nice. Also, both pieces...
  2. T

    Question Are there any plugins that can make testicles have physics or be "independent" from the penis?

    Hello, Im kinda new to the game and I was wondering if theres a way or a plugin that can allow you to make testicles in futas or males move on their own or more naturally, its seems to me that they're always "pasted" to the dick and it looks off. I hope you guys can help me, thank you!
  3. epi.noah

    Other FastPhysicsDemo 2023-01-14

    A demonstration of fast physics settings. You can use epiTemplateLite to let the user do this with the press of a button, even if they change the look that comes with the scene. Creators... Please stop using a low number of lights and low-quality textures in your dance scenes when the physics...
  4. Yep

    Paid Assets Earring_Set(Physics) v2

    **22.12.27 ** Add 3 types of physical earrings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- use -> mocap ->...
  5. Fig Neut

    Scenes Pushing out a plug 1.1

    MAKE SURE THAT SOFT BODY PHYSICS IS ENABLED. IT IS REQUIRED FOR SCENE TO FUNCTION Dependencies weren't working properly so I'm just reuploading to try to fix it This is an experimental scene where the plug is entirely gravity based. As soon as it is inserted, the position is turned off...
  6. everlaster

    Paid Plugins BootyMagic alpha (in development) 1.0-alpha3 / 3.var

    BootyMagic is currently in development. It will be released to early access when v1.0 features are complete. Lots of work is still to be done - for access not just to alpha versions but also more details and info on what's planned for v1.0, support me on Patreon! Release v1.0-alpha1 / 1.var...
  7. jasik

    Clothing Dress Fashion 1.0

    Hello. Im new here. Im 3D Artist. Its my First model for VaM. :) Dress have simulation so it is not stiff. 2 variant of alpha (Transparent and non transparent Breasts) 2 variant of colour (Black and white). U can add own Pattern texture if u use White texture to masking. Enjoy ! Artstation ...
  8. JaxZoa

    Paid Clothing Futa Condom v1.0

    Simple Condom for futa characters (with physics). You can change the base and shaft colors independently.
  9. everlaster

    Paid Scenes Eva: Containment 2

    You are tasked with evaluating the suitability of Eva, an advanced android, for the next phase in Project Venus. Your decisions today may change the course of history. Eva: Containment Eva: Containment is a short but packed scene with with scripted intro and outro sequences backed by story...
  10. stashman05

    Assets Removable Shoes With Physics [Test] 1.0

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not intended to be a substitute for clothing and is only a basic test article of an idea. So for a while now I've wanted shoes that can be "naturally" removed; however Vams clothing system doesn't allow for that. This is my attempt at a solution. These shoes have physics...
  11. Erimar

    Looks Zelda 2

    Hello this is my first release. I've been lurking for a good while now to learn the craft of virtamate. I'm concentrating on creating accurate model ports to vam. I hope you enjoy, I hope I improve and I hope you support me in my journey. This is based on the model by nextr3d. The hair is CUA...
  12. C

    Question CUA as hair with cloth physics! How?

    Hi! I'v created CUA hair using blender and Unity. And in Unity i am added a Cloth component to my hair object and in Unity it works as expected like a living hair with physics. But when i import that CUA to VAM it is static! How to do this proper? Or it's unposible?
  13. Jackaroo

    Assets East Asian Umbrella With Physics 2022-11-30

    An umbrella for all your kimono dreams. Twirl and spin this umbrella and watch your scene come alive with movement! visit my patreon for more free and paid quality male, female, and futa models! YueQing character can be found free here
  14. squall12990

    Paid Clothing 4th of July outfit 1.0

    4 Piece set with shorts, tank top, bikini top and bottoms. Tank top has full sim physics. Pretty simple outfit overall, just wanted to do something for the upcoming holiday and in summer theme. Credits to: AshAuryn.Pose_Tools.latest By: AshAuryn License: CC BY...
  15. squall12990

    Paid Clothing Street 2A 1.0

    Clothing set includes three parts; jacket, top and pants. Jacket has physics. Multiple materials per item for color customization.
  16. squall12990

    Clothing Dancer outfit 2 1.0

    Outfit includes top and bottom's. Both have physics. Design was a bit on the harder side for me so if there are any issues lemme know in a pm. Bit higher on the polycount with this one though I think it's worth it in the end.
  17. squall12990

    Clothing Singer Outfit 1.0

    Six piece outfit with stocking, panties, skirts, shirt, vest and armbands. Gold is set to spec so you can alter the colors without borking the gold stars. Skirt is full sim, vest has some sim on it.
  18. P

    Question Increase Speed / Sensitivity of Link?

    Is it possible to increase the speed of which 2 objects are linked together? So that square 1 will move square 2 at double its rate etc. In other words, when square 1 moves 1 meter square 2 moves 2 meters. Pic for example
  19. squall12990

    Clothing Dancer Set 1 1.0

    Full 4-piece set of dance wear. bra, panties, skirt and shirt. Skirt and shirt are physic's based and flow rather nicely with no real clipping issues. Kinda happy with how this one turned out. Bit harder to do a full set in one go but I hope ya'll like it :D
  20. squall12990

    Clothing Sports set 1A 1.0

    Sports set with booby pop, wardrobe malfunctioning top. Separate top and bottoms. Enjoy :D
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