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  1. Pulsion_one

    Paid Assets Smokes pack 1

    The purpose of this pack is to help you to dynamize your scenes and interactions . 10 realistic smokes in different scales that follow world physics. You can pin them with any other asset. Each smoke as a "normal" mode and "infinite" mode . Check the screenshot to see the smoke in game :)...
  2. AppetiteVisual

    Scenes Me Want to Do a Big Humpy - Iron Ballerina BioRig Demo 1 CC BY

    This is a demo for my new Iron Ballerina Physics BioRig. GET IT NOW, AS IT'S NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SCENE. This scene is here to show how you can make something stable with my biorigs, morphs, and a little creator diligence in hiding atoms that could mess up the player. "Whatever, guess it's good...
  3. MostVerticalPrimate

    Guides MVP's Guide To: Babe Undressing Physics

    One of the things that's really amazing about using the Unity engine for VAM is that it allows for some very cool physics options. Whether it's boob or butt jiggles or other soft body physics, VAM allows for some truly awesome things. One thing that tends to get overlooked by many people is the...
  4. AppetiteVisual

    Poses Specialist BioRigs 3 CC BY

    Hello and welcome to another AppetiteVisual resource! Update: Newly released biorigs will be described in the update posts to keep this page straightforward. Please check the updates for the full writeup on the new Iron Ballerina!! 1 - Sturdygirl Goddess 2 - Iron Ballerina This pack, called...
  5. Pulsion_one

    Assets Helium Balloons Pack 2 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    A pack of 30 balloons with physics, colliders and an infinite quantity of helium ! It stay at the place where you popped in with a slight fluctuation to help you to dynamize your scene and background ! The pack contains: 10 base colors 5 event themes (halloween, christmas, new year, valentine...
  6. AppetiteVisual

    Poses RealFeel Marionette BioRig 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    Hello and welcome to another AppetiteVisual resource! Please come to meet the ultimate RealFeel Marionette BioRig. A physics preset that will alleviate your frustration and save you time. Play the sandbox, don't let the sandbox play you. JUST DOWNLOAD THE DEMO SCENE! I'm too tired from working...
  7. BooMoon

    Other Booty Physics Pack 2023-09-19 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    🍑Booty phycis Pack🍑 Contains 3 presets Small - Normal - Big and it fixes some weird collision interactions Not required but very recommended to use with https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/bodylanguage.38208/ https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/thigh-compressor-and-vibrations.34375/
  8. everlaster

    Paid Plugins VamBoop v1.0.0 / 2.var

    VamBoop is a plugin that boops the boob when the mouse pointer moves over the center of the breast. Best used with Naturalis (as in the video). It's great as an easy way to test breast physics, or just to play around with. Add directly to the Person atom. The plugin UI has a few sliders for...
  9. Jackaroo

    Assets Shadowheart Ponytail 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Ponytail CUA for Shadowheart, Has physics and collision. I forgot to include this in the Shadowheart release, so here it is a bit late :P l
  10. U

    Plugins Experimental Ball Physics 2023-08-21 Hub-Hosted VAR FC

    Warnings : this plugin will alter the male figure of your scene. I'm not sure to what extent a modified figure is saved, so keep a backup of the scene BEFORE loading the plugin, in case that something goes wrong and it can't restore the figure to its original state when deactivated. If you save...
  11. V

    Question Clarification on terms in Atom physics controls

    I was hoping someone could help me understand more about the atom physics controls. I understand the terms spring and damper are in relation to the rotation and position of an atom. The terms I don't understand are: 1] Joint Drive 2] In general what does the comply control setting do...
  12. everlaster

    Plugins Naturalis (free) v1.1.14 / 44.var Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-ND

    https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/naturalis.33647/ Naturalis v1.1 *New in v1.1:* a comprehensive clothing adjustment system for breasts and glutes improved physics and customization of gravity simulation of gravity in different directions futa breast soft physics and hard colliders...
  13. CheesyFX

    Plugins ShakeIt 40 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    This plugin is consists of three modules; ShakeIt: Simulates fat jiggeling on the legs, glutes, arms, belly (and breasts) based on acceleration. The current tension of the muscle is also taken into account. FlexIt: Simulates muscle flexing based on rotational acceleration and the pose your...
  14. everlaster

    Paid Plugins Naturalis v1.2-beta5 / 48.var

    https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/naturalis-free.35101/ Naturalis v1.2 (beta) Release notes, videos and screenshots v1.2-beta1: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/naturalis.33647/update/54756/ v1.2-beta2: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/naturalis.33647/update/55234/ v1.2-beta3...
  15. B

    Fully interactive scene?

    Hey guys I am totally new here. Are there any scenes that are fully interactive. I’m thinking moving legs, hands, face, some skin physics. I’m struggling to find things users have created as most of it seems like “here’s a piece of the scene, make it yourself”
  16. squall12990

    Paid Clothing Dress 16A 1.0

    Two part outfit, dress and thong. Though calling a leaf strapped to a crotch a thong is a bit of a stretch :D Dress has a new way of doing physic's for me, should fit a lot looser and not just start where the dress starts to drape. So it creases and does wrinkles real nice. Also, both pieces...
  17. T

    Question Are there any plugins that can make testicles have physics or be "independent" from the penis?

    Hello, Im kinda new to the game and I was wondering if theres a way or a plugin that can allow you to make testicles in futas or males move on their own or more naturally, its seems to me that they're always "pasted" to the dick and it looks off. I hope you guys can help me, thank you!
  18. epi.noah

    Other FastPhysicsDemo 2023-01-14 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    A demonstration of fast physics settings. You can use epiTemplateLite to let the user do this with the press of a button, even if they change the look that comes with the scene. Creators... Please stop using a low number of lights and low-quality textures in your dance scenes when the physics...
  19. Yep

    Paid Assets Earring_Set(Physics) v2

    **22.12.27 ** Add 3 types of physical earrings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- use -> https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/parentholdlink-for-customunityassets.415/ mocap ->...
  20. Fig Neut

    Scenes Pushing out a plug 1.1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    MAKE SURE THAT SOFT BODY PHYSICS IS ENABLED. IT IS REQUIRED FOR SCENE TO FUNCTION Dependencies weren't working properly so I'm just reuploading to try to fix it This is an experimental scene where the plug is entirely gravity based. As soon as it is inserted, the position is turned off...
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