1. Jackaroo

    Assets Tengu Headdress with physics 2

    Headdress with collision and physics. Video Preview
  2. 10thToaster

    Scenes Rainy Days 2

    Trying my hand at using physics to simulate sex rather than timeline. This seems to have come out rather well I think... If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know I would love some feedback on my scenes. Lots of dependencies here as I wanted to do my best to make the scene look...
  3. Acid Bubbles

    What would be the ultimate physics settings for possession?

    Hi! I'm the author of Embody and I'd like to add the ability to automatically setup physics settings to something that's "optimal" for possession. So, regardless of whether you use Embody, some of my older plugins or VaM's built-in possession, what would you see as the "ultimate physics settings...
  4. S

    Better testical / scrotal physics.

    It's probably been suggested before and I probably can't provide enough detail or use the exact terminology required to give a better detailed explanation on how the physics should be improved, but if testicle/scrotum physics could be improved similarly to the way breasts work, that would be...
  5. Jackaroo

    Assets Mei physics assets 1

    Physics based hairpin and earrings
  6. MonsterShinkai

    Scenes Glute Physics Testing Scene 1.0

    A scene to test your glute physics. I added face expressions and fluid to make it interesting. External File: Cycle Force by Extraltodeus is necessary. Cycle Force is not a VAR file so manually place it here \VAM\Custom\Scripts If you have...
  7. G

    Scenes My bitch wanna dance Banana too but she spent her cash on 8K skin and can only use one controlpoint 2021-04-20

    Yes, it's that time again, sneak pimp my bitch up attack. Today's victim is Reignmocaps bananafollow dance scene. Model & look & 8K ultra-realistic skin by me, single control point, no mocap, no plugins except post magic LUT, pure VAM physics and shit by me. Forgot to compress jpgs texture so...
  8. djsoapyknuckles

    Assets Fuck Machine 3 -Free Version 3_1.2

    customizable fucking machine. Free version has limited functionality (see screen shots below for included functionality) Load as custom unity asset from VAR, load plugin onto machine, then add dildo asset from VAR package. If you like it, please consider checking out the full version here. ).
  9. djsoapyknuckles

    Paid Assets Fuck Machine 3 _1.5

    Fully customizable fucking machine. Add the supported assets (included) from your scene as attachments, set all the parameters how you want, and unleash the double-penetrating power of the Fuck Machine 3 -includes full machine control plugin -4 high quality, physics-enabled custom unity asset...
  10. everlaster

    Plugins HairLetLoose 1.0.1

    HairLetLoose controls hair main rigidity, tip rigidity and style cling in real time based on the angle of the person's head. The further away the head angle is from "right way up", the more freely the hair will flow. In the UI you can customize the angles at which hair is least and most rigid...
  11. Hunting-Succubus

    Clothing Falling_Net / Cought a Fish 1

    OPEN FOR COMMISION WORK CONTACT DISCORD SERVER SUPPORT AT PATREON This is cloth/physics item. A Net will fall from top to wearer. dont know what you want to do it with..what kind of kink you have? Just Equip this shit FallingNet in cloth. Adjust Physics setting as you want & use your own...
  12. everlaster

    Plugins TittyMagic 2.1.1 / 9.var

    1 minute demo of the new Touch optimized mode (unmute the video!) TittyMagic v2.1 :: Grab those puppies! TittyMagic is an attempt to create more realistic breast physics behavior with little to no effort from the user. It automatically adjusts...
  13. djsoapyknuckles

    Paid Assets Dildo Machine (Full Featured) 2

    It's here! The definitive pleasure machine. If you are looking for the highest quality, physically accurate and customizable penetration machine - look no further. This asset features: -high quality textures (4k diffuse/normal maps on toy) -dynamic action / physics -physically accurate...
  14. djsoapyknuckles

    Assets Dildo Machine Asset 2

    This is the FREE version of the ultimate pleasure machine. This asset features: -high quality textures -dynamic action / collision -clickable on/off button for motion Import the asset into your scene and click the red/green on-off button to start and stop the action If you like the asset...
  15. Jackaroo

    Assets dynamic Earrings 2020-11-18

    Physics enabled earring asset. More on patreon :)
  16. djsoapyknuckles

    Assets Pussy Pump 2020-10-22

    The pump has colliders attached to pump bulb that will sim pumping action on collision with fingers/hands Asset includes: -high quality textures -dynamic motion
  17. djsoapyknuckles

    Assets bull whip 2

    For best results, in User Preferences, set physics rate to a minimum of 90hz and Physics Update Cap to 3. (the higher the better). The asset is usable at the default settings, but performs much better at higher physics update rates. Add custom unity asset to scene. Load var package and select...
  18. djsoapyknuckles

    Assets flogger-whip 1

    Please watch the quick tutorial video here. It will show you how to get the asset into your scene and configured properly for use. The rest is up to you :p Known limitations: high torque or fast movements may cause whip to stretch and in extreme cases to explode. Collisions with floor may cause...
  19. djsoapyknuckles

    Assets Dynamic Bed 1

    Bed uses Unity box colliders distributed over the surface. You will have the best results if you use forces that are perpendicular to the surface of the mattress. (i.e. up/down). lateral forces have a tendency to cause colliders to tangle or generate unexpected results.
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