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  • fixed issue where glute joints still had gravity acting on them when BootyMagic was disabled/removed (thanks @CuddleMocap !)
  • fixed a physics explosion issue when the plugin was removed after changing skin while Freeze Physics was enabled in Control & Physics 1
  • the Enabled toggle of BootyMagic is no longer interactable if loaded on a male character
  • disabled scrolling in most text fields
  • fixed issue where the instant calibration on scene load would not reset the Pending state correctly when the parameters restored from the scene JSON included ones that set calibration to pending (thanks @HAL9001 !)
  • no more asterisk (*) shown on a soft physics parameter's button in the Physics tab when compression/stretching slider values are modified but Local Distortion Physics is disabled
  • fixed Fat Collider Friction parameter's Friction Value slider being interactable despite looking like it wasn't (now it's actually not interactable)
(This var package has the same version number as v1.3-alpha2 from Patreon - if you happen to have that, just delete/replace it.)
  • suppress a possible error message during init/restore
  • adding the Auto-Update.cs script to a person that doesn't have a Naturalis instance no longer complains about that, but just adds Naturalis.cslist
  • clothing profile file browser no longer shows presets included in the package when setting a target profile (see docs), those are only meant for use as templates (see docs)

Video credit: see this update post.

New Features
  • Improved hard colliders: better and more precise positions and sizes with much less clipping, improved friction, adjustable depth from skin surface, adjustable collider spring and damper, new default settings
  • Counter sag with morphs to keep the originally intended breast shape using the Joint Base Angle parameter. The parameter is applied automatically and can be offset manually.
  • New defaults for breast joint physics settings, an incremental improvement to realism
  • Joint Angle Limit parameters that are calibrated to different breast sizes and softness values and can be offset manually
Documentation for v1.2: https://everlastervr.github.io/docs/naturalis/v1_2/

More detailed release notes can be found among the paid version's updates going from v1.2-beta5 back to v1.2-beta1.

Bug Fixes / QOL
  • Fixed broken zeroing of duplicate morphs from earlier vars - morphs from earlier Naturalis versions are now zeroed automatically post Pose Preset load and during calibration
  • Fixed issue where triggering memory optimization in VAM User Preferences caused morphing to stop working
  • Fixed issue where loading a preset or resetting plugin params during calibration would cause the person to be stuck in the calibration pose with collision off
  • Fixed issue where pectoral colliders were enabled when removing plugin if atom collision was disabled at that time
  • Fixed issue where mass was not calculated when scale was changed
  • The Reset button now sets the local distortion physics toggle value based on the default set in user prefs
  • Atom scale is now correctly accounted for in the calculation of depth morphs
  • The "legs" clothing tag is now recognized as valid for BootyMagic clothing adjustment items; previously only "hip" and "full body" were valid
  • Fixed issue where the plugin did not work when added to a disabled person atom, or when loading a scene where the person atom is already disabled
    • Now, Naturalis will initialize once you enable the person atom. Triggers in the scene targeting Naturalis will not work until then.
  • Fixed issue with the nipple's soft physics collider being far too large. Collision with the nipple is now more accurate.
    • Nipples actually have two soft physcis colliders, and the second collider's radius wasn't being updated, and only the first collider was being visualized.
    • Friction is also updated to the second collider properly now.
  • Calibration pending due to atom scale being changed will now be cancelled if you undo the scale change
  • Optimizations to memory use

Naturalis v1.3 is available for patrons - your support is much appreciated! 🙌
  • Fixed issue where the default clothing profile didn't take effect if the clothing item was already equipped when adding the plugin (this issue was introduced in v1.1.11 / 41.var)
  • QOL fixes - when plugin is disabled:
    • prevent updates to physics due to clothing adjustments being synced on item toggled etc.
    • prevent callbacks in various situations like when changing physics rate, toggling high quality physics, changing character etc.
    • fixed issue where breast/glute joint was not getting any gravity force when loading a scene where the plugin was already disabled
    • fixes to restoring original joint physics on disabling the plugin
Some relatively impactful bugs fixed:
  • Fixed bug in glute depth morphing calculation when soft physics is enabled - decreasing soft physics mesh depth was interpreted as the overall glute depth increasing rather than decreasing, causing morphing in the opposite direction
  • Futa depth morphing calculation now uses soft body joints when soft physics is enabled, just like on a female character (it's more accurate as it allows the soft physics based changes to the mesh to affect morph values)
  • Fixed issue with the plugin not recalculating mass during calibration if the user preference Monitor: Check For Size Changes was unchecked
  • Fixed issue where adding the plugin to a person where the currently used skin had never had soft physics enabled caused wildly incorrect breast mass
    • The plugin now cycles soft physics on and back to the original value in all of user prefs, atom C&P1 and for breasts and glutes specifically. This happens first during initialization, and later whenever you change the character in the Skin Select tab. It only lasts a few frames and you probably won't notice anything, this info is just in case it causes some unforeseen issues.
    • (The point of this is that it ensures that all skin vertex positions update to an array that the skin object exposes to plugins (even while soft physics is off), allowing those vertices to be tracked in real time.)
  • Fixed issue where toggling high quality physics would change the physics to more rigid.
    • It was very noticeable with large breasts, not so much with glutes or small breasts.
    • I'm not sure what exactly happened and why, but simply recalculating the physics parameter values and hard collider mass immediately after high quality physics is toggled seems to fix it.
  • Fixed F Glute Physics values not restoring properly when disabling/removing BootyMagic
And some cosmetic ones:
  • Fixed broken gradient visualization for fat collider depth when using a negative offset
  • Improved clothing popup options panel horizontal alignment
  • Fixed incorrect offset slider quick buttons showing for Rotation Spring, Right/Left Spring, In/Out Spring and In/Out Damper
  • Minor UI text fixes
It's somewhat disheartening to find so many bugs this late in the development of v1.1. 🤯😤 Perhaps no one else noticed any of these issues either. Either way, if something doesn't work or seems off, please report it. Chances are no one else has reported it and I don't know about it. Thank you! I can be contacted directly here on the Hub or in Discord, or you can post in the discussion thread. Preferably DM though, it's easier to debug things one-to-one. 🙏

v1.2-beta1 is released for patrons, check it out: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/naturalis.33647/updates
If High Quality Physics is enabled in VAM user preferences, the plugin now notifies about that and suggests to use low breast hard collider mass. I noticed that with high quality physics, hard colliders cause breasts to move much more sensitively. Base mass multiplier at around 0.20-0.30 with high quality physics enabled looks similar to 1.00 when disabled. However, generally high quality physics is not worth it because of the performance cost and negligible visual difference.

This of course means that you will get somewhat different behavior out of presets/scenes depending on whether high quality physics is enabled, or was enabled when the preset/scene was saved. In v1.2 I will ensure the mass is adjusted in the background.

Also fixed some UI info texts (BootyMagic referred to breasts and areola in a couple places).

This is likely the final update on v1.1, focusing fully on v1.2 now. (Info about that will be posted on the paid resource and on Patreon.)
Clothing's Adjust Breasts and Adjust Glutes settings are taken into account

VAM's Breast Spring/Damper Multiplier and Glute Spring/Damper Multiplier sliders are now translated to Hold and Dampening slider values in the plugin when the item doesn't have a default profile. The increases to spring and damper are a bit reduced compared to what the multipliers would set without the plugin.

The point here is just to respect the clothing item specific spring and damper set by the creator of the item, preserving the way the clothing item looks/behaves with the plugin on versus off. I.e. this change isn't automatically taking advantage of all of the fancy features in the Clothing tab, you're still encouraged to actually create/load a profile for any given item to get the most out of the system.

Default plugin preset no longer loads clothing profiles

When the plugin automatically loads the default in-plugin preset (TittyMagic Preset or BootyMagic Preset Default.json file), it will no longer load the clothing profiles referenced in that preset. This is to prevent the default plugin preset from overriding what clothing profiles are loaded by default, as those are meant to be the handled by the clothing system itself (per item default profiles). However, you can still click Load and select the Default.json file manually, and it will load the clothing profiles that were active when that preset was saved.

  • Fixed selected tab color in TittyMagic (accidentally changed it from the usual green to the BootyMagic red in v1.1.9)
Reverted implementation "Freeze joints when calibrating" (from v1.1.4 / 34.var), this turned out to mess up the calibration result in some cases. I tested it with a few custom body morphs, but might happen with some other morphs as well. (Thanks @LsRp)

Originally the intention with this implementation was to prevent the loading of the calibration T-pose from potentially having any effect on the pose of another person atom in situations where Physics Link is used to target the joints of the person being calibrated.
  • Fixed error when loading a legacy pose/look
  • Fixed issue where loading a legacy pose/look would reset all clothing items to use the default profile of each item (if found)
  • Fixed issues when loading a scene with the plugin already disabled, the most visibly obvious one being breasts twitching due to the unlocked left-right movement but the spring and damper weren't calibrated due to the plugin being disabled. The plugin now always initializes things as if it was disabled, and then enables them if enabled in the saved JSON, should be reliable.
  • Fixed issue with VAM F Breast Physics and Glute Physics values not being restored and applied properly when disabling plugin
  • Fixed issue where some Unity objects created by the plugin to detect UI open/close events would duplicate and linger in memory even after removing the plugin
  • Adjusted the scaling of damper values with physics rate, capping now at 2x damper at 120 Hz compared to 60Hz, and any higher refresh rates than that are limited to 2x. Potentially fixes a reported issue.
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