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  • Fixed silent error when loading an in-plugin preset
  • Added a compatibility fix for VAM version 1.20.x (with one very minor downside*)
  • Fixed issue where the nipples would "float" when soft physics was toggled on (cosmetic issue which went away after calibration which you need to do anyway when toggling soft physics)
*When you load a scene from a var package, and the plugin data saved in the scene file references a clothing profile from the same package, the profile should get applied automatically to the relevant clothing item at startup. However, this only works on VAM version 1.21 and newer. For users still on v1.20, the profile is not applied and there is no message or error.
The plugin is now loaded with Naturalis.cslist again, as opposed to Naturalis.dll, and the previous package everlaster.Naturalis.36.var is removed. Apologies for the hassle!

To creators: whatever scene you're working on or may have already finished, please update it to use the cslist. Thanks.
New in v1.1:
  • a comprehensive clothing adjustment system for breasts and glutes
  • improved physics and customization of gravity
  • simulation of gravity in different directions
  • futa breast soft physics and hard colliders
  • improvements to morphing
  • various quality of life improvements and fixes
Full update notes: v1.1 early access update post
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