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Plugins TittyMagic 1.2.0

TittyMagic Labs leaked their internal testing demos!

New feature:
- The Erect nipples slider shapes nipples to be more perky and defined and increases nipple damper and spring.

A bit wider range of breast sizes with more realistic mass
- Size now starts from 0.1 instead of 0.3, and the minimum physical size is smaller as well.
- The maximum physical size is also a bit larger than before.
- The minimum mass is 0.200 (200g) instead of 0.100 which is more realistic for the minimum size.

Physics settings improvements
- Fat collider radius is reduced and automatically controlled by the plugin instead of VaM. The lower radius makes the soft fat much smoother and less blocky. This not only makes the breasts much nicer to the touch but also fixes these issues: breasts self-collision causing the other breast to deform when there's no apparent collision, and areola deforming visibly with high softness breasts due to the large "fat block size".
- Fat damper is increased to hold the breast fat together with the smaller fat collider radius. Soft physics behavior is now less watery and more smooth.
- Fat back force has been adjusted to make large breasts drop faster instead of looking like they're in low gravity. Large breasts are bit less wobbly/jittery than before due to this (which may be good or bad).
- A given softness value now behaves more consistently across the whole range of breast sizes. Previously, large breasts needed quite a lot of additional softness to keep the perceived softness the same as for smaller breasts.
- The default softness value of 1.5 is now a bit firmer, it should look better combined with the smaller fat collider radius.
- Breast joint damper is reduced, it felt like the breasts stopped moving too quickly.
- Fat max distance now adjusts better with size, previously was too much softness focused and made large but low softness breasts too immobile.
- Other minor optimizations to physics settings to make everything work at least as well and consistently as before given all of the above.

- Auto breast morphs (in the Auto behaviors tab) is disabled by the plugin when loaded. This lets the plugin handle morphs without VaM's auto behaviors messing with it. You can still enable it manually for the session though if you want.

Other improvements
- Breast scale automatically takes the person atom's Scale (in Control & Physics 1 tab) into account when calculating physics and pose morphs, so that the breasts behave as expected for their real size (rather than relative to the Person atom). This is a first step towards also adjusting to breast size affecting morph values outside of the plugin in the future. (Also note - the Body scale morph is locked to zero by this plugin, use the atom's Scale to scale the person when needed, it works better anyway.)
- The plugin's morphs are now moved under the category everlaster/TittyMagic.
- The plugin's pose morphs are now zeroed when the plugin is disabled (previously only when removed).

Finally, the plugin version number is now saved in the save file, so that in future releases I can use it to automatically migrate existing saves to a new version of the plugin if needed.

Alright guys, time for the first update.

- Fixed an issue that caused the breasts to twitch when nearly horizontal.
- Fixed an issue where sideways sag produced an ugly flat area and a tear near the rib cage. (This was caused by the built in breast pose morph Breast Center Shift which I don't recommend using - Breasts Move S2S Dir is much better.)

Upside down breasts look considerably better now:
- Small but high softness breasts no longer rotate and distort in the under breast area.
- Breasts don't hang as much inward now, they hang downward as they should.
- Extreme sag levels look pretty good even with small breasts.
- Large saggy breasts no longer try pull the nipples in.

The plugin no longer directly uses the built in breast morphs. Instead it uses only copies, allowing you (or other plugins) to adjust the built in morphs if needed.

Other improvements:
- More consistent sag in all orientations at a high Sag Multiplier. There was way too much sag sideways and upside down.
- A high Sag Multiplier is in general more usable now since there's an upper limit to morph values that prevents distortion at extreme sag values.
- Large highly sagging breasts should now look a bit better by default when standing, there's less upper curve.
- All roll/pitch sag morphs used by the plugin are now correctly tagged as Pose morphs.
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