Plugins TittyMagic 2.1.1 / 9.var

Fixed an issue where loading a scene or other savefile referencing the plugin would cause an error and the plugin would not work until reloaded.
1 minute demo of the new Touch optimized mode (unmute the video!)

  • Touch optimized physics mode
    • improved collision physics (no hard colliders)
  • Balanced physics mode
    • mostly similar to the physics of the previous version, but everything's tweaked slightly
    • thanks to the more realistic weight, it looks better in animations than Touch optimized mode
      • the larger the breasts, the more obvious the difference
  • Softness and gravity sliders now range from 0-100 - a simpler and more intuitive scale given that they are just arbitrary numbers rather than any concrete units
  • Breast shape tweaks
    • leaning forward shape is improved, breasts now droop without rotating and losing their overall shape
    • when upright, breasts no longer rotate up quite as much, better retaining the originally intended breast shape
    • leaning back no longer produces an ugly curve under the breast (this was caused by too high values in Breast under smoother morphs)
  • Damper value is linked to physics rate: higher rate means higher damper
    • this prevents high physics rate from making breasts too swingy
    • works with Auto rate as well
  • The plugin now monitors for changes to settings that are important to the plugin's functioning
    • if something toggles Auto Breast In/Out Morphs on (e.g. an appearance preset), a message is shown that it should be off
    • if soft physics is disabled, an error is shown that it should be enabled
  • Keybindings integration: TittyMagic.OpenUI command
  • Suppressed messages spam on plugin initialization
  • now works with any physics update rate - the plugin no longer sets it to 60hz when loaded
    • it's possible that VR display refresh rates other than 60Hz did not previously work correctly with the plugin (breast mass would not have updated when morphs were changed), now there should not be any such issue
  • only the TittyMagic.cslist file is now visible in the Select File dialog when adding a plugin: all other source files are hidden to keep the file browser more clean (unless you check Show Hidden)
Some rare morphs turned out to not have the expected properties for the plugin to check if they affect the breast area. These are now ignored without causing errors. Thanks for the bug reports! Hopefully this fixes things for everyone who had errors.
There was a mistake in the formula used to calculate breast volume, and breast mass was too low as a result. This is now fixed. 🔨

In addition, the plugin will automatically enable Soft Body Physics in the main preferences if it is not enabled.
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v2.0.0 TL;DR
  • TittyMagic now works out of the box with any existing character - breast size is preserved
  • You can use any morphs affecting the breast area, even full body morphs, and the plugin will adjust
  • Breast mass especially but also physics in general is more realistic
  • Pose morphs and control over breast gravity/sag has been improved
  • Soft physics must be enabled for the plugin to work correctly
  • The file to be loaded is now TittyMagic.cslist (instead of TittyMagic.cs)

Main post is also updated.

Full changelog
  • Breast mass is now estimated from breast volume automatically, based on whatever morphs you're using
    • This makes the scale slider and example shape tweaks from 1.2 obsolete
    • Adjusting pose morphs does not cause mass to update!
    • This makes the plugin compatible with any existing model, preserving the original breast size
    • Parts of this implementation adapted from MassMorphManager v9 by nyaacho
  • Breast mass now directly informs all other physics settings and orientation pose morphs (along with the softness and gravity sliders)
    • You might notice a very short drop in fps as the plugin refreshes the breast mass and other physics settings
    • Except for that, the plugin should not cause any noticeable fps drop!
  • Breast mass is much more realistic than previously - v1 had about twice as high mass for the given size
    • This is based on breast tissue density of 0.9g / cm^3
  • The Sag multiplier slider has been replaced with the Breast gravity slider
    • Breast softness now only controls the physics settings, while Breast gravity controls how much pose morphs affect the shape
    • By default, softness and gravity are linked - you can unlink them to adjust them individually
    • Breast gravity affects pose morphs along a logarithmic curve to keep a realistic amount of gravity effect even if the breast fat is firm, and to prevent the morphs from causing issues at high values
  • Breast center of gravity as well as right/left and up/down target angles are now automatically adjusted based on orientation
    • Roll left-right adjusts the right-left angle
    • Upright vs upside down adjusts the up/down angle
    • Lean forward/back adjusts the center of gravity (i.e. forward hanging boobs have a center of gravity slightly further out from the chest)
    • This improvement does some of the heavy lifting when it comes to breast shape
  • Use of pose morphs in all orientations has been improved
    • The morphs have also been merged as much as possible
  • The upper limit on mass is 2.000 (kg), and this sets an upper limit on breast size the plugin can adjust to
    • Breasts larger than the upper limit will behave as if they weigh 2 kg
  • Nipple erection effect has been improved
    • The shape should be better and the nipples grow out more
    • Morphs are merged to one
    • Starts from 0 instead of 0.25
  • The outer edges of breasts don't distort so easily now, with outer spring and damper about double that of the main spring and damper
    • It should improve realism in animations as well, given that fat around the edges has less other fat around it and is held more rigidly in place by the chest
  • The plugin is now loaded as a .cslist
    • Scenes and presets using v1.2 (TittyMagic.cs) will need to be updated to reference the plugin as TittyMagic.cslist instead
  • Breast self collision and Person soft physics are now automatically enabled by the plugin
Known issues
  • Physics rate is set to 60Hz when the plugin is loaded, if it isn't already. This is because rates higher than 60Hz prevent estimating the correct breast volume for a reason that I haven't figured out yet.
  • If you disable soft physics manually on the person atom or in the breast physics settings after loading the plugin, the plugin won't work correctly.
  • If soft physics is disabled in your preferences, the plugin won't work correctly.
  • Very large breasts will bounce around unrealistically when touched because of the breast hard colliders and the way VaM treats the breast as a "joint" like any other. I don't know if there's anything I can do about that.
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New feature:
- The Erect nipples slider shapes nipples to be more perky and defined and increases nipple damper and spring.

A bit wider range of breast sizes with more realistic mass
- Size now starts from 0.1 instead of 0.3, and the minimum physical size is smaller as well.
- The maximum physical size is also a bit larger than before.
- The minimum mass is 0.200 (200g) instead of 0.100 which is more realistic for the minimum size.

Physics settings improvements
- Fat collider radius is reduced and automatically controlled by the plugin instead of VaM. The lower radius makes the soft fat much smoother and less blocky. This not only makes the breasts much nicer to the touch but also fixes these issues: breasts self-collision causing the other breast to deform when there's no apparent collision, and areola deforming visibly with high softness breasts due to the large "fat block size".
- Fat damper is increased to hold the breast fat together with the smaller fat collider radius. Soft physics behavior is now less watery and more smooth.
- Fat back force has been adjusted to make large breasts drop faster instead of looking like they're in low gravity. Large breasts are bit less wobbly/jittery than before due to this (which may be good or bad).
- A given softness value now behaves more consistently across the whole range of breast sizes. Previously, large breasts needed quite a lot of additional softness to keep the perceived softness the same as for smaller breasts.
- The default softness value of 1.5 is now a bit firmer, it should look better combined with the smaller fat collider radius.
- Breast joint damper is reduced, it felt like the breasts stopped moving too quickly.
- Fat max distance now adjusts better with size, previously was too much softness focused and made large but low softness breasts too immobile.
- Other minor optimizations to physics settings to make everything work at least as well and consistently as before given all of the above.

- Auto breast morphs (in the Auto behaviors tab) is disabled by the plugin when loaded. This lets the plugin handle morphs without VaM's auto behaviors messing with it. You can still enable it manually for the session though if you want.

Other improvements
- Breast scale automatically takes the person atom's Scale (in Control & Physics 1 tab) into account when calculating physics and pose morphs, so that the breasts behave as expected for their real size (rather than relative to the Person atom). This is a first step towards also adjusting to breast size affecting morph values outside of the plugin in the future. (Also note - the Body scale morph is locked to zero by this plugin, use the atom's Scale to scale the person when needed, it works better anyway.)
- The plugin's morphs are now moved under the category everlaster/TittyMagic.
- The plugin's pose morphs are now zeroed when the plugin is disabled (previously only when removed).

Finally, the plugin version number is now saved in the save file, so that in future releases I can use it to automatically migrate existing saves to a new version of the plugin if needed.

Alright guys, time for the first update.

- Fixed an issue that caused the breasts to twitch when nearly horizontal.
- Fixed an issue where sideways sag produced an ugly flat area and a tear near the rib cage. (This was caused by the built in breast pose morph Breast Center Shift which I don't recommend using - Breasts Move S2S Dir is much better.)

Upside down breasts look considerably better now:
- Small but high softness breasts no longer rotate and distort in the under breast area.
- Breasts don't hang as much inward now, they hang downward as they should.
- Extreme sag levels look pretty good even with small breasts.
- Large saggy breasts no longer try pull the nipples in.

The plugin no longer directly uses the built in breast morphs. Instead it uses only copies, allowing you (or other plugins) to adjust the built in morphs if needed.

Other improvements:
- More consistent sag in all orientations at a high Sag Multiplier. There was way too much sag sideways and upside down.
- A high Sag Multiplier is in general more usable now since there's an upper limit to morph values that prevents distortion at extreme sag values.
- Large highly sagging breasts should now look a bit better by default when standing, there's less upper curve.
- All roll/pitch sag morphs used by the plugin are now correctly tagged as Pose morphs.
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