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MocapSwitcher is a simple plugin that does two things:

1. It can export a scene animation from a Person atom into a file.
2. It can import the animation from the exported file into any Person atom.


In addition to being a useful tool for people who just want to watch or use someone's mocap in a different scene, it can duplicate the same mocap to multiple person atoms in the same scene. It can also be used by mocap animation creators to share their animations as resources independent of scene files.

Unlike VaM's Save Pose / Load Pose functionality, this plugin includes the scene animation settings and animation length in the saved file and correctly imports them from it, and doesn't include extra Pose related properties that aren't directly related to the mocap (see Preset Definitions).

Known issues
  • loaded mocap doesn't start at the position where the person is currently standing, which can lead to collision issues; however you can just move the root node after loading the mocap
  • does not support loading animations of different length onto different person atoms in the same scene (currently, the scene animation length comes directly from the latest loaded mocap)
  • the person's root node rotation is not saved in the mocap file, which can leads to issues like horizontal walking if the rotation of the atom being loaded to is different from the rotation of the atom the mocap was saved from
  • only works with Person atoms
Thanks to

HSThrowaway5 for the plugin FloatMultiParamRandomizer from which I grabbed a few useful methods.
@VamTimbo for the cartwheel animation (used in the v1.0 demo video) and some feedback.
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Amazing, thank you.
Very easy to use and straightforward plugin.
Easy to use, works great, thanks for putting this together and updating it.
WOW excellent, we can create now a library of MoCap ! Thank you so much man ! A must have.
I was wondering how to do that. We need a plugin for this. And here it is. Great, thanks!
wow! Thank you so much for making and sharing this, it makes life easier <3
Thank you so much for this!
Mocaps are my main thing in VAM. I've been doing my own work arounds for some time now.
This awesome plugin makes it so much simpler and quicker. :)
Simply Greatness! Thank you!
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