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    Plugins TittyMagic

    Yeah, the touch mode doesn't work very well with XL boobs. The idea with the touch mode is that hard colliders are disabled and movement (in response to touch) is done with fat back force instead. When increasing mass, you need more and more fat back force to make it work, but there's a limit to...
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    Are all private messages on this site being monitored?

    That might just be some timezone issue.
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    Assets Dark Street Asset

    Hi, this environment depends on the Luise look which depends on a bunch of other vars including a Stenzelo look that there's no download link for. It'd be great if you could release a version of this that doesn't depend on the Luise look, or if you could update the Luise description with all the...
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    Plugins TittyMagic

    everlaster updated TittyMagic with a new update entry: 2.1.1: Bugfix to loading from save Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Plugins TittyMagic - 2.1.1: Bugfix to loading from save

    Fixed an issue where loading a scene or other savefile referencing the plugin would cause an error and the plugin would not work until reloaded.
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    Plugins TittyMagic

    Nice! Glad you like it. Use a General Preset, it saves/loads plugins as well. See Saw your message on Discord, let's continue there. Definitely fixable though. The error you got prevents the plugin from loading, hence you need the...
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    Performance Monitor and User Preferences showing very different fps numbers

    I repeated the averages calculation (Reset Averages) multiple times to make sure it actually settled on 130 fps. Meanwhile the User Preferences was showing around 146 +/- a few fps. This was in a scene with 1 light, some furniture and 1 person atom.
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    Question Possible to save custom morph and/or plugin with scene?

    I don't think what you're asking is possible. A morph file and a script file are not things that can be saved in JSON format. A morph is a binary file and a script is a C# file, so they must be separate from the scene JSON. There's also no way to say "this morph belongs only to this scene and...
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    Question Would a fast M.2 SSD help with load times?

    VAM is probably pretty VRAM heavy, true. You could check that by monitoring VRAM usage in Task Manager's performance tab, or with a third party software like GPU-Z, HWInfo64 or MSI Afterburner. But usually if VRAM actually runs out, it will cause very noticeable fps drops because your GPU will...
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    Burping content?

    A missed opportunity right here. ;) I have to admit this is the first time I hear this is even a thing. The simple answer to your question is the community isn't yet big enough for everyone to be able to find exactly the content they're looking for. But, you can be the first and start creating...
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    Question Would a fast M.2 SSD help with load times?

    Although the amount of VRAM has nothing to do with the topic (which is about SSD's, not GPUs), I'd like to point out that it doesn't work like that. You can have any ratio of system and GPU ram, there's no rule that says it should be 4:1. What matters is that you have enough of each to run the...
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    Scenes The photo shoot

    Sure, no need to shout all-caps. It was just a suggestion.
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    Scenes The photo shoot

    Well I'm sorry to hear you had issues with the var system, I agree it's not easy to use. But don't convince yourself that because it didn't work for you, it can't work for you - it can. If you let me, I could even help you figure out the issues you had with packaging and scenes being empty etc.
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    Scenes The photo shoot

    There's plenty of reasons why vars should be preferred, which is why I try to encourage creators to use vars. Of course, they can decide not to, it's up to them. But check e.g. this reddit thread for why vars should be preferred. I'd say whatever issue there is with vars isn't fixed by "let's...
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    Scenes The photo shoot

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