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Supa Additional Cloth Physics

Plugins Supa Additional Cloth Physics 1

SupaClothPhysic Plugin makes undress look more natural, automated push up breasts when wear clothes, makes it easy to animate. Additionally added bonus Breasts Rotation Target Settings and Glutes Control with Cloth.

Video Preview


  1. Attached cloth adjust Joint Spring Breasts/Glutes to Breasts/Glutes Angle targets , so when you put on cloth with adjust Joint Spring turned on, plugin will update the angle targets to push up breasts higher, move breasts closer and turn breasts upward. Same with glutes.
  2. Exposed Z Breasts/Glutes Angle targets. Base game only showed XY, Z is actually useful too.
  3. Control the max Adjust Breasts/Glutes Multiplier in the plugin, applicable to animation.
  4. Works with Cloth on/off as well as undress. (Minor bug noted)
  5. Works with multiple cloth item with adjust breasts multipliers. (Minor imperfection)
  6. Breasts and Glutes Settings split to two tabs so can be set separately.
  7. Reset to base game default and restore back previous setting.

Known issues:

  1. Double click reset will lose previous multiplier settings
  2. Certain cloth Spring Multipliers could be hard to change when plugin is on


Awesome free scene and content credit goes to Dilldoe.

A genius and pioneer on a lot of the cool stuff.

You can find Dilldoe's post here.
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