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Clothing Wearable Manicures 2

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Each finger can be customized independently, using the copy and paste material you can mix and match design together. there are additional textures in the folder you can try play around to make more interesting designs

Thanks to @zajebanan for quality assurance
Inspired by @AngelCutebXtch' nails

My old wearable nails

Submit your image/art if you want to be include into next version
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  1. Added Male Version and updated usa version

    Added Male Version and updated usa version

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A must use on any character/model I make, just customize the alpha map and BOOM, you can literally have any nail shape you want and then you can create your own normal map, diffuse map, specular, etc and literally anything you can dream up (or find online as inspiration) is possible. ONLY thing I would love to see now is Wearable TOENAILS with this same level of quality and variety.
Love these
Great job. Love the different styles!!
I loved your other long nail pack and this one is wowie amazinG! All the different presets are actually very inspiring for looks. Thank you for making and sharing
Your previous nails pack has been a must have. And now you put something on top. Great job!
YOU LEGEND. Thank you. I've been looking for more options for a while now and your work is solid as always. Thanks!!!
These are some nice bobs
bobs and vegana
These are great! especially the french tip design :)
thanks, yours pretty good too, my friend asked for longer one
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