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  1. Ivy the Fairy

    Paid Looks Ivy the Fairy 2022-05-15

    Ivy isn't your stereotypical fairy. She'll show no mercy as she milks you dry.
  2. Nails

    Clothing Nails 2022-05-01
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-ND

    We already have very good nails as clothes. In order to avoid license problems redesigning I created my own nails. You may choose 2 presets: french and monocoloured (set your own color of choice)
  3. Detailed hand, finger, nail, wrist and forearm morphs for female characters

    Morphs Detailed hand, finger, nail, wrist and forearm morphs for female characters 2b
    Hub-Hosted VAR

    A collection of 50 morphs attempting to create a more feminine, slender and graceful hand, wrist and arm. Morphs are in the Eosin category. For a narrower hand you will need thinner finger colliders or they will not even fit next to each other, you could use iron grip plugin or collider...
  4. Wearable Manicures

    Clothing Wearable Manicures 2
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    Each finger can be customized independently, using the copy and paste material you can mix and match design together. there are additional textures in the folder you can try play around to make more interesting designs Thanks to @zajebanan for quality assurance Inspired by @AngelCutebXtch'...
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