Detailed hand, finger, nail, wrist and forearm morphs for female characters

Morphs Detailed hand, finger, nail, wrist and forearm morphs for female characters 2b

A collection of 50 morphs attempting to create a more feminine, slender and graceful hand, wrist and arm.

Morphs are in the Eosin category.


For a narrower hand you will need thinner finger colliders or they will not even fit next to each other, you could use iron grip plugin or collider editor plugin.

I have also found that hand texture makes a big difference, as some textures have a much rougher hand appearance than others. The images utilize the default "Female 2" texture set which seems pretty good in this regard.

Morph list

- Gracile hand
- Gracile hand & wrist transition
- Bony hand
- Slender hand
- All-in-one morph: Feminine hand, wrist & forearm (pictured)
- Squeeze lower hand
- Hand top curvature
- Hand lateral raise
- Palm thickness
- Palm side thickness
- Palm thumb thickness
- Palm finger pad thickness
- Lateral hand area angle and in/out
- Palm ridges
- Bony fingers
- Thinner fingers
- Finger width
- Finger taper
- 5x individual finger length
- Finger ridges
- Hand ligaments
- Fingertip angle
- Fingertip taper
- Thumb webbing
- Finger webbing
- Thinner, longer, rounder nail and nail bed
- Nail size
- Nail taper
- Nail length straight
- Nail length angled
- Thinner knuckles
- Knuckles closer together
- Knuckles forward
- Knuckles distribution rounded
- Knuckles distribution sloped a bit/sloped more
- Thumb closer to hand
- Thumb forward
- Thumb flesh forward
- Hand total size
- Gracile wrist
- Wrist ligaments
- Wrist transition thickness
- Wrist transition ridge
- Gracile forearm
- Forearm/elbow frame
- Arm frame
- Elbow definition
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  1. few more morphs

    - added hand lateral raise morph to counteract potential excessive rounding towards pinky -...

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These morphs give the arms and hands a more natural look. Thank you!
This is a 100% must have morph set! Invaluable for making feminine hands!
Great, thanks.
Oh hell yeah, It'll help me finally release one of my looks
Titan size thank u
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