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Iron Grip

Plugins Iron Grip 2

This plugin gives detailed control over finger joint physics and collider properties with the attempt to create stronger hands and more rigid fingers which can grip tightly, resist forces and wobble and wiggle less.

You can specify minimum and maximum settings and interpolate between them using a master strength setting. The strength of finger, wrist, elbow and shoulder joints can be influenced simultaneously since this kinetic chain usually operates together when force is applied through hand and finger motion. You can scale the finger colliders and offset them which can allow for a closer grip with reduced physics jankiness. It also allows fingers to be closer together in a more natural pose.

The default settings may not be ideal and experimentation may be required.


It is considered experimental and the results will depend on the chosen settings and may not always be satisfactory. I hope that it can provide a starting point and that good results can be achieved for various applications.

When you save the scene while the plugin is active the current shoulder/elbow/wrist (not hand/fingers) physics settings will get saved, so the "reset" functionality for shoulder/elbow/wrist will be lost once you load that save. If you need it you could reset them in the Person atom or in worst case 6 joints manually, or remove plugin before saving if you care about those settings a lot.
Upon exit the plugin will reset finger, wrist, elbow and shoulder physics settings to what they were when the plugin was loaded, so any customization of those settings applied inbetween will be removed.


Kemenate - Hand Ligaments Morph

Romolas - Cucumber
First release
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5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. bug fix

    - fix toggles not actually resetting physics - fix left and right shoulder effect switched

Latest reviews

Fantastic plugin! Lots of great options that can be animated with Timeline, I especially like hand mass and strength %.
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This plugin is really useful! It makes a huge difference in realism if your need a model to hold something, Great Job! I would love to see an eventual update that would allow for finer control of finger placement.
Thank you, you could try the HandPose plugin if this is what you mean
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If you now put an object in someone's hand, it no longer wobbles so great, thanks for sharing
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