More then 130 morphs both for MALE and FEMALE models. Plus 10 for female Gens.

The morphs are all "support" morphs = they are not an entire look, but scaling or details on single body parts

  • Eyebags, Wrinkles, Lacrimal Bump for better highlights
  • Areola and Nipple Rotations, sag, scaling and stretch
  • Ear adjustments, rotate etc
  • Eye shaping: rectangular lids.
  • Eye lashes: turn outwards, separate layers (you need to activate lashes that use both layers), adjust their placement (up/down &forward/back), eyelashes angle and shapes
  • Lip adjustments: Cushions, Crease, Lip Rim for Highlights on upper or lower lip, Skin on lower lip, Angle on lower lip
  • Neck details: Windpipe and Sternocleidomastoid
  • Hip area details: Gracilis stretch (Pose morph) for spread legs, indent between Sartorius and Pelvis, Belly Folds, masculine and feminine Illiac line details
  • Side folds on the Waist for poses that lean sideways and pinch the belly.
  • Hairline Utility morphs (higher, straighten, recede) to adjust any hairstyle. Careful, this can disturb some hairstyles that lay close on the upper head.
  • Leg Ligaments and Muscle details, Knee Cap and width, Hamstrings
  • Brows and nose straighten
  • Hand and arm, armpit details and ligaments or indents for stretching
  • Toe nails: longer and Claws
  • Different female genital morphs, including one that improves FtM looks
  • Smoothing displaces the eyelashes: Eyelashes Adjustment Lower/Upper will fix this
  • Different morphs that change the shape of the lashes like make them more forward from the eye, stretch them into the eye corners, make the outline of the lashes more "round"...
  • Different Iris Morphs to make them look a lot better and catch the light better: Iris Concave will inset the pupil. Iris Definition adds a curved surface.
  • If you happen to have a black line in your iris: Iris Pupil Fix is there to help.
  • Different morphs to customize the reflection. Reflection Definition adds the slight crease where the lens ends. Reflection 01 changes the surface - That's not realistic, but can help to customize the reflection shape. They also influence the Iris Reflection item from Oeshii.
  • A lot of nipple adjustments and posing helper morphs: sag + tilt = upwards and downwards facing nipples, rotation, definition and posing: stretch, pinch
  • ...

I tried to sort the morphs into Pose and Appearance morphs. Most of the details that only happen when stretching are as Left and Right morphs in Pose. For some I made a combined Left-Right slider, which is NOT a Pose morph. This allows to use those pose morphs in looks....

  • They work best on Smoothing Settings 2 and 1.
  • Also remember that you can extend the slider range for a stronger effect.
  • Since most of them are "support" morphs the full value is usually a bit extreme, they work best at medium values...

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Insane morphs, thank you!
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Obviously been a long time since you originally posted this but wanted to say thanks for the work you put into this. Looking back now, you created so many great morphs that everyone is using. I hope some day that you release another morph pack. Thanks!
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thank you for sharing
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thank you
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Excelent work on eyes morph! exactly what i was looking for. Thank you
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