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  1. Executives Vacation

    Paid Scenes Executives Vacation 2

    Chill on the beach with your personal assistant in this interactive relaxing scene! "Chill" segment: just lay and she stands above you with a very nice view for the legs. In VR, it has a fully functional butt slapping and fingering mechanics. "Drink" segment lets you have a cup of wine in an...
  2. Bath with MILF vol.2

    Paid Scenes Bath with MILF vol.2 1

    OBSOLETE! Check https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/bath-with-milf.30842/ Have fun bathing! Voiced interactive foreplay scene for Desktop and VR mode. Voicework can be disabled in case you want to use your own model and you think the voice doesn't fit. The animations are close-fit for Liz...
  3. Private Strip Live

    Paid Scenes Private Strip Live 1

    Female streamer perform hard on live... Or Iwara: https://ecchi.iwara.tv/videos/w7k1zcg5lmtrygxjg
  4. BuiltIn Hand and Finger Morph Manager

    Plugins BuiltIn Hand and Finger Morph Manager 8
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    Update: At the request, I made it possible to control Pose Morph with UI sliders and Timeline via HandMorhpManager. Functionally, there is no difference from operating Pose Morph directly with Timeline etc., but I think that the work will be easier because the specified parameters are gathered...
  5. Detailed hand, finger, nail, wrist and forearm morphs for female characters

    Morphs Detailed hand, finger, nail, wrist and forearm morphs for female characters 2b
    Hub-Hosted VAR

    A collection of 50 morphs attempting to create a more feminine, slender and graceful hand, wrist and arm. Morphs are in the Eosin category. For a narrower hand you will need thinner finger colliders or they will not even fit next to each other, you could use iron grip plugin or collider...
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