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It's easy to put on Pose with BuiltIn's hand and finger Morph.

BuiltIn's hand and finger Morph sliders are all in one place, reducing the hassle of finding the morph you need.
You can swap, copy, and initialize Pose on your left and right hands with just one click.
You can save and load only hand poses.
This plugin is not required to save and load Pose for the entire completed Person.

How to use:
Load this plugin into Person.
Use the sliders and buttons to adjust Pose.
Save and load Pose as needed.
When loading a saved Pose, you can not only load both hands as they are, but also load only one hand or switch left and right.
If you check "Enable swap loading Preset", the data on the right hand will be loaded on the left hand and the data on the left hand will be loaded on the right hand when loading the file.

The slider list is foldable.
Functions other than Save can be controlled by triggers such as UIButton. When loading with a trigger, specify the file name in "Hand Morph Manager File name" of "Receiver Target" before executing loading. "Saves/PluginData/handmorph" can be omitted when specifying the file name, but it cannot be omitted when reading from var. Also, "latest" cannot be used, and you need to specify the correct version number.

This plugin creates a handmorph folder under "Saves/PluginData" to save the file.
The file extension is handmorph.
The value when this plugin is loaded will be the default on the slider. If you press "Hand Morphs to Default", it will be reset to the default value of Morph.

HandMorphManager UI new1.png

HandMorphManager UI new2.pngHandMorphManager UI new3.png
HandMorph sample1.pngHandMorph sample2.pngHandMorph sample3.png
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Awesome. Thank you!
Thank you for your evaluation.
Such a time saviour, this goes straight into my default plugin preset, thx heaps!
Anyway, I have a request: could we add a screenshot function to the save preset function? Otherwise it's somehow a naming hell, you know, pictures tell more then words ;)
Thank you for your evaluation.
I agree that you need an image. But I don't have the knowledge to do it right away. I think it will take time to realize.
Great idea!
Thank you for your evaluation.
Superb. Thank you.
Thank you for your evaluation.
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