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    Plugins BuiltIn Hand and Finger Morph Manager 8

    Update: At the request, I made it possible to control Pose Morph with UI sliders and Timeline via HandMorhpManager. Functionally, there is no difference from operating Pose Morph directly with Timeline etc., but I think that the work will be easier because the specified parameters are gathered...
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    Plugins Pose L-R Swap

    ky1001 submitted a new resource: Pose L-R Swap - Swap the left and right of the pose. Read more about this resource...
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    Plugins Pose L-R Swap 4

    Updates: It was pointed out that the L-R_MIrror plugin does not work properly when applied to Male Person. The same problem occurred with this plug-in, so it was fixed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates: Improved...
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