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Configures and customizes collisions (rigidbodies and colliders).

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How to use

Once the plugin has been added to an atom, you will be able to configure the collider. Here's a minimal explanation on the terminology:
  • A rigidbody is a shapeless object which is driven by the physics engine. It has weight, velocity and relationships with other rigibodies such as springs.
  • A collider is the bounds against which something will collide. While usually attached to a rigidbody to give it a shape, sometimes they are used for custom collisions and are not attached to any rigidbody.
  • An autocollider is a custom concept in VaM that allows creating a series of rigidbodies and colliders automatically. This is used for breast and glutes, for example.
  • An autocollidergroup is also a custom concept in VaM that drives multiple autocolliders together.

Scroll down to the "Collider Tuner" section, there is an in depth explanation: vamjapan breast-physics article

  • @ProjectCanyon, who completely rewrote the whole thing to repurpose a rigidbody-based implementation to a collider-driven one.
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Latest reviews

Essential for getting animations to look good especially when using futa models that don't have good collision detection.
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This plug-in completely saved the day for some Naturalis TittyMagic issues:

As always, Acid Bubble's free plug-ins continue to be a vital asset to the community.
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Acid Bubbles is there a way to save colliders state for good? Without CE applied colliders keep resetting.
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
No, Collider Editor is actually "forcing" colliders in a state that VaM wasn't designed to allow. The plugin is required to keep the colliders customized.
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no way to go without it!
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Brilliant work. Simply a must-have for VaM
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Great for custom clothes and tricky poses.
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Thank you
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very useful, thanks!
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Thanks for this plugin its awesome, the only problem I am having is trying to "turn on" shoe colliders, any advice?
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Thanks! Ask on Discord or in the Discussion tab, I can't really discuss in the Reviews :) I don't think shoes have dedicated colliders though, except for the heels in the built-in VaM clothing.
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One of those most essential plugins!
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