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Collider Editor

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Configures and customizes collisions (rigidbodies and colliders).

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How to use

Once the plugin has been added to an atom, you will be able to configure the collider. Here's a minimal explanation on the terminology:
  • A rigidbody is a shapeless object which is driven by the physics engine. It has weight, velocity and relationships with other rigibodies such as springs.
  • A collider is the bounds against which something will collide. While usually attached to a rigidbody to give it a shape, sometimes they are used for custom collisions and are not attached to any rigidbody.
  • An autocollider is a custom concept in VaM that allows creating a series of rigidbodies and colliders automatically. This is used for breast and glutes, for example.
  • An autocollidergroup is also a custom concept in VaM that drives multiple autocolliders together.

Scroll down to the "Collider Tuner" section, there is an in depth explanation: vamjapan breast-physics article

  • @ProjectCanyon, who completely rewrote the whole thing to repurpose a rigidbody-based implementation to a collider-driven one.
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Latest reviews

very useful, thanks!
Thanks for this plugin its awesome, the only problem I am having is trying to "turn on" shoe colliders, any advice?
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Thanks! Ask on Discord or in the Discussion tab, I can't really discuss in the Reviews :) I don't think shoes have dedicated colliders though, except for the heels in the built-in VaM clothing.
One of those most essential plugins!
Must have and brilliant code!
you're the man !!!
1) Disable collision does not have effect
2) no bulk disable and edit for group of colliders
3) no select collider by desktop mouse click
4) no english readme.
1) Move/Resize collider works
2) Good display of colliders
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Ouch, this always hurts. For what it's worth, Collider Editor makes visible VaM internals but it doesn't do magic on top of it. Sorry this wasn't up to par with your expectations.
Just another MUST-HAVE. Period.
Hello, author, first of all, please let me thank you for doing such an excellent work. I can't leave it now, but I have a problem. I find that the function of this plugin can't seem to adjust the collision with breast and nipple. Is this my problem?
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Hard to tell, Collider Editor adjusts things that VaM actually implements. Ask on Discord, I'm not super available right now but I plan on checking it out when I can! I'll need a repro if you can!
Been using it for the first time and am pretty amazed how precise you can calibrate each collider with it! Thank you for making and sharing this essential plugin!
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