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Wearable Nails

Clothing Wearable Nails 1


Updated with Futa Version

Higher Resolution Preview
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Idea from Hyperionx on my discord. Thank you for inspiration. Added nails as cloth to make it a bit easier to change nails color and patterns. Including 25 presets with a wide range of patterns. Most of time spent on making the long nail looks right, its sculpt using the original low poly G2F nails.

Whats Include
  • G2F Toenails as Cloth
  • G2F Fingernails as Cloth
  • G2F Fingernails Long as Cloth
How To
  • Many color presets selectable (Click on left panel shortcuts if not showing up)
  • Remove any nails morph or it willl not look right
  • Change Surface & Thickness if any problem
First release
Last update
4.75 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest reviews

The best way to get fancy nails!
These are great and long overdue. While not perfect, it's better than any morphs I have tried. Would love a more detailed, longer, square option.
thank you for the feedback
Great collection! So many nails to choose from!
I love these - can we please have more!
more shapes I am assuming? the one here is just an extension of the g2f nails, I could have subdivided to make more shapes. maybe later
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