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Session Plugins Hook

Plugins Session Plugins Hook v1.0.0 / 2.var

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Session Plugins Hook looks up the triggerable parameters of session plugins and exposes them to the triggers system. It lists all session plugin parameters in its own list of parameters, and mirrors the values.

You might ask, what's the point? Great question! I'll let you answer that. :p

Add the plugin to any atom or to Scene Plugins, and its values will save with the scene. By default, the values will also load with the scene and be applied to the session plugins, but you can turn this behaviour off.


The UI just shows the current list of session plugins. This should always match up with the list in the Session Plugins tab.

The parameters of the listed plugins are triggerable via the SessionPluginsHook "Receiver":


The plugin keeps track of changes to session plugins:
  • adding a plugin causes its triggerable parameters to be registered in SessionPluginsHook
  • removing a plugin clears it from SessionPluginsHook's list of parameters
  • changing the settings of a plugin via its UI mirrors the new value to the equivalent SessionPluginsHook's parameter
Disabling/enabling SessionPluginsHook shouldn't have any effect, any triggers in the scene targeting the plugin's parameters will still work.

Only one instance of each session plugin is detected (even if the plugin's var package version is different), and the plugin's identifier (e.g. plugin#1_ etc) is ignored.
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Latest updates

  1. v1.0.0 free release

    Session Plugins Hook is now out of early access!

Latest reviews

As someone who uses ToySerialController, this is a great plugin. Now I can control ToySerialController when needed through scene triggers while keeping it as a session plugin!
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woah exxellent plugin, finally we can trigger session plugins, thanks everlaster!
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This is a great idea and will definitely come in handy for me! Thank you!
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