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Plugins HairLetLoose 1.0.1

Want to share something or need help? Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/2h8PgczkeW

HairLetLoose controls hair main rigidity, tip rigidity and style cling in real time based on the angle of the person's head. The further away the head angle is from "right way up", the more freely the hair will flow.

In the UI you can customize
  • the angles at which hair is least and most rigid - lower limit and upper limit angles, respectively
  • physics at the lower limit and physics at the upper limit


Multiple simultaneous (modular) hairstyles are fully supported. You can also disable the plugin's control over specific active hairstyles - this allows you to use modular hairstyles where some parts of the hair are meant to stay tied up e.g. in a bun while other parts are free to move about and be pulled by gravity.

The plugin automatically disables painted rigidity for hairstyles which use it because painted rigidity prevents the plugin from having any effect on the hairstyle. The plugin UI notifies if painted rigidity was disabled for the selected hairstyle.

The UI will also notify about physics settings that prevent gravity from having a realistic effect on the hair. So far, the settings being monitored and notified about are Drag and Gravity Multiplier.

The hairstyle specific settings are saved with the scene and with a General Preset or a Plugin Preset. Disabling or removing the plugin restores the hair physics which the hairstyle had before it was controlled by the plugin.

Let me know about any issues, and if you have suggestions for improvement. Thanks!

Known issues in v1.0.1
  • deactivating and reactivating a hairstyle in VaM's Hair tab resets the plugin's sliders for that hairstyle even though the plugin has not been reloaded - this will be changed in a future version so that the settings are kept while the current scene is loaded (just like the hairstyle's own settings are)
Credits (demo video)

- hairstyle: Sunday hair by oeshii (thanks also for early beta testing!)
- environment: Brutalist loft by CuteSvetlana
- look: Mara by RenVR with the Jen skin by RenVR (from my collection)
- shirt: AFVR apple top
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.1: Bugfixes, ignore body hairs

    fixed issue with hairstyles not loading properly in the plugin when there are duplicates (either...

Latest reviews

waiting for updates
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Thanks for such a brilliant plugin. I get loads of mileage out of this one!
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Very nice! Thank you!
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Very cool, as a hair maker this was always something I wondered if possible. Now I know the answer! Great work.
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Amazing one, thanks a tons!
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Perfection! Only wish it worked on old simhair presets too
Thanks, I can look into that :)
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I hate reviews from folks you haven't used the product. So full disclosure, I haven't tried this out yet lol. But I don't have to to know it's a fucking game changer. Hair movement has been my bane in every Illusion game (and VaM too, sometimes) but you did it. You bothered to figure it out. I've never been more excited to install a plugin lol Thanks, Everlaster!
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ta bom
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This is awesooooooooooooooooooooome
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