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A collection of small unrelated scripts to address specific needs. This resource should make it more straightforward for me to release additional small free scripts in the future, as I have a template ready, and can publish them without having to create a new Hub resource. If you have an idea for something useful that could be quick and easy to implement, I'm open to your suggestions!

FileDescriptionAdd To
FrameRateControlEE.cslistFreely select target frame rate between 20-240, fixed bugs. Improves upon FrameRateControl by @MacGruberSession plugins
HideTrackersByDefault.cslistChecks the Hide Trackers toggle in VAM user preferences automatically.Session plugins
UISliderColors.cslistAllows adjusting UISlider's handle, fill and background color and alpha.UISlider atom
VRPointerSettings.cslistAdjust the width, color and alpha of the left and right VR laser pointers.Anywhere



Changes compared to FrameRateControl from MacGruber.Essentials.16:
  • Freely select any target frame rate number between 20 and 240
  • The target frame rate popup with fixed options is replaced by the "Use target frame rate" toggle and the "Target frame rate" slider
  • Fixed issue where having the plugin disabled on startup still applied the selected settings; now it properly initializes as disabled
  • Fixed issue in VR mode where saving a session plugin preset containing the plugin would cause the plugin to load with default settings the next time in desktop mode, nullifying your customizations to the settings
    • The fix was to ensure the plugin initializes fully and registers its parameters even in VR
  • Fixed issue where "Pause VaM when not focused" did not allow the automatic default scene loading to proceed on startup or when restarting via Hard Reset
  • Plugin must be added to Session plugins (can't add to some random atom)

Hide Trackers By Default

The Hide Trackers toggle is unique among VAM user preferences in that it is not saved to the prefs.json file. VAM always initializes that toggle as unchecked on startup. This plugin allows you to set it checked by default. Disabling the plugin prevents it from checking the toggle, and enabling the plugin automatically checks it again.

UISlider Colors


By default in VAM, only the text and panel can be adjusted. UISlider Colors allows adjusting the a UISlider atom's handle, fill and background color and alpha. These parameters are triggerable so you can animate them.

VR Pointer Settings
  • Adjust the width, color and alpha of left and right VR pointers
  • Use a custom selection line from each VR hand to a selectable controller in the scene, with adjustable width, color and alpha.

The width and alpha settings could help with making the laser pointers more easily visible when using high resolution VR displays. One remaining visibility issue is the link lines between linked controls - that might be another script later as those are also shown in desktop mode.

Set your own defaults by adding the plugin to Session plugins. If added to an atom or to Scene plugins, the width, alpha and color parameters can be adjusted via triggers.
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v1.1.3 (5.var)
First release
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Latest updates

  1. v1.1.3

    Fixed subscene compatibility issue in UISliderColors
  2. v1.1.2

    Fixed issue in FrameRateControlEE (also present in the original) where "Pause VaM when not...
  3. v1.1.1

    Fixed: FrameRateControlEE was missing a bit from the original script that checked if VSync was...

Latest reviews

Can you add the display of the mouse pointer in VR mode? It's currently not showing, and I'd like to see it displayed for easier mouse operation in VR.
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Thank you! Seriously some useful settings exposed here.
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Finally, we can get creative with the UISlider.
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Everlasting good work, thanks heaps again!
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Great job!! Very useful!
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