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MacGruber Essentials

Paid Early-Access Plugins MacGruber Essentials 7

Early-Access End Date
Feb 1, 2021
Your most essential MacGruber tools in a convenient single VAR package. Version 7 introduces the PowerHandles plugin that was teased a week ago and is intended for heavy users of the VaM Desktop mode. I was annoyed by often accidentally rotating instead of moving and vice versa. See the changelog below for all nice improvements you get from PowerHandles as well as some minor fixes/additions to other plugins in the Essentials collection.

Massively improved behavior of VaM's position/rotation handles. Prevent accidental movement by disabling "MouseGrab" of unselected control nodes. Use global coordinate system and/or easily align objects by global position/rotation grid. Also options for better overview in scenes with lots of clustered atoms.​

The build-in ParentLink feature in VaM that can link one atom to another has the problem of using the position the atom was at in the previous frame. Even at 90fps, for fast animations this can cause obvious visual lag. ParentHoldLink solves this issue, updating the atom to the correct position. This plugin is obviously based on the identically named plugin by Blazedust, but has some improvements. Most notably the link offset is stored with the scene to avoid potential misalignment when loading the scene later. Usage instructions can now be found in the plugin UI, also some minor performance improvements.​

Allows you to create cubemaps within VaM to be used for customized global illumination and ReflectionProbes. This can immensely improve shiny materials like metal, latex, leather, etc. Find a tutorial on how to use SkyMagic here, there is also a beach demo scene seen on the last screenshot.​

SuperShot + SuperVideo
Take ultra-high resolution screenshots or use super-sampling to for your screenshots or recorded video. This improves image quality a LOT, especially shadows and hair, but also highres-textures. Pixel size in the comparison image has been increased by 200% to make the improvement more obvious. SuperShot (formerly SuperResolution) is the de facto standard for VaM screenshots.​
SuperShot can also help you if you repeatedly need to take screenshots from multiple perspectives, for example to show off different clothing variations. See video for details. Screenshots can also be triggered by other scripts (using VaM actions), so you can hook up external buttons, hotkeys or other helpers.​
SuperShot-Compare2.png SuperShot-Tool.jpg SuperShot-UI.jpg SuperVideo.jpg

This plugin allows more fine control over VaM's VSync settings and framerate. Especially recommended when recording video or you want to reduce power usage or fan noise when working with VaM.​

Improves how audio volume fades over distance. It should be a lot easier to get the volume right with this.​

Let VaM automatically switch to 'Edit Mode' on scene load. Just put this on your default scene. When in 'Desktop Mode', it also opens the MainMenu and enables 'Targets' (the green atom icons).​

Hotkeys to toggle VaM's MSAA settings, this helps with Reshade issues.​

This is an EarlyAccess release! Download will be available for free under CC BY-SA license after 2021-02-01. You are allowed to reference this package in your own VAR packages, even if they are paid or use a different license. Links to my Patreon are always appreciated.​
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This is an amazing collection. I tried implementing something like SkyMagic natively in VaM a long while back and gave up after some frustration. Then MacGruber just did it! A+
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