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ParentHoldLink for CustomUnityAssets

Plugins ParentHoldLink for CustomUnityAssets 1

This plugin updates the atom's relative position/rotation to follow the linked atom using the LateUpdate() function when the link type is set to 'Hold'
Intended for CustomUnityAssets with physics turned off and linked to a person, making it look like a fixed/solid joint. Useful for person details in the CustomUnityAsset format such as hair, glasses, piercings and other details.

Attach the plugin to a CustomUnityAsset atom and change its parent link type to "Hold" for position and rotation.

I made this some time ago to avoid that feeling that CustomUnityAssets feel floaty and not following along its parent link like a solid joint.

Works together with the CUAManager plugin (https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/cuamanager.547/)
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Latest reviews

Works like a charm, i recommend this to all my Patrons for use with my assets, amazing work mate!
Absolute must. Needs to be in VaM as standard.
Really useful.
Its must for equipable CUA items for removing lag behind issue.
Add this to the app trello!
Must have Plugin! This needs to be included in the game.
While the usability could be improved and the code is converting the init rotation to euler angles for no reason......I tried to make a plugin like this for ages! Whatever I tried, it always had a one-frame-delay issue caused by the (random) update order of the Unity engine and the magic done by VaM. And believe me, I tried a shit load of things, some other creators tried as well. One frame doesn't sound like much, but it makes a lot of difference for fast animations. Not sure why your code works, because I tried pretty much the same (LateUpdate + directly setting the Transform), BUT THIS FREAKING WORKS! Maybe it's the use of the "Hold" mode changes something in VaM, because that's something I didn't try.
work like a charm, a must, I wish there is some official adaptation method for the game to grew, a lot of great plugins like this need to be included. @meshedvr
Awesome, love it! Works perfectly. Glad someone finally made this. Now it's possible to add custom assets like earrings and glasses and have them act normally when attached to a character. Great job, thanks for sharing!
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