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ParentHoldLink for CustomUnityAssets

Plugins ParentHoldLink for CustomUnityAssets

This plugin updates the atom's relative position/rotation to follow the linked atom using the LateUpdate() function when the link type is set to 'Hold'
Intended for CustomUnityAssets with physics turned off and linked to a person, making it look like a fixed/solid joint. Useful for person details in the CustomUnityAsset format such as hair, glasses, piercings and other details.

Attach the plugin to a CustomUnityAsset atom and change its parent link type to "Hold" for position and rotation.

I made this some time ago to avoid that feeling that CustomUnityAssets feel floaty and not following along its parent link like a solid joint.

Works together with the CUAManager plugin (https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/cuamanager.547/)
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thank you
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Awesome plugin, thank you for sharing it with us!
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Just discovered that this plugin is great
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Far nicer implementation than setting spring and damper to 10000000000000000000000. 10/10
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Makes a huge difference in how assets follow their parent.
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Works like a charm, i recommend this to all my Patrons for use with my assets, amazing work mate!
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Absolute must. Needs to be in VaM as standard.
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Really useful.
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Its must for equipable CUA items for removing lag behind issue.
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Add this to the app trello!
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