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Plugins CUAManager 9

CUAManager by Blazedust (v1.9) (Updated for VaM v. Beta)

* This session plugin manages and automatically loads character details such as hair, nails and accessories (earrings, wings, horns, tails, glasses, etc...) whether it being linked CustomUnityAssets or clothing items when you change appearance or change clothing presets. No more fiddling around trying to re-attach CustomUnityAssets when changing appearance in a scene.

Sorry for the huge amount of text coming up, but it explains the plugin in more detail and what it can do.

I wrote this session plugin as I have a lot of looks that requires linked CustomUnityAssets and clothing items as character details. Changing appearance in a scene to another one utilizing linked CustomUnityAssets was such a time consuming struggle so I wanted to automate the process. Loading another clothing preset that disabled clothing character detail items was also a pain that I wanted to automate. Certain clothing items (nails) should stay loaded for certain looks - even if I want to change the dress/clothing preset. This plugin solves this for me, configure each look once - let this plugin load the correct linked atoms (such as CustomUnityAssets) and clothing items (like nails/hair) in the background.

Plugin Features:
* Save and Load character detail presets (such as linked CustomUnityAssets) just like clothing presets.

* Auto load character detail presets based on an active morph on the person. This allows automatically to load presets (hair, nails or other character details) automatically when changing appearance.

* Adjust position and rotation for a linked atom asset relative to the linked body controller for a person. Now you can align and center linked atoms perfectly.

* Easily add blank assets linked to a predefined rigidbody on a person, including head, neck, chest, abdomen, hip, pelvis and many more.

* Supports plugin scripts attached to the linked atoms when saving the preset so it will be loaded back up again. The ParentHoldLink on a CustomUnityAsset is designed to work with this plugin.

* Can handle different atom types, not just CustomUnityAsset type atoms (additional atom types to handle can be added in the options).

* Data driven, all presets and options are saved to the plugin data folder (Custom/Saves/Blazedust/CUAManager/presets/).

Instructions (can also be found inside the plugin interface by pressing the yellow Help/Instructions button):

* 0.0 Add this plugin as a session plugin (select ADD_ME.cslist)

* 1.0 Selecting Active Person:
This plugin only operates on the current selected person. This plugin will select whatever person you select in the scene or choose from the 'Active Person' selector. As you edit a character and change appearance you probably already have that person selected.

* 1.1 Saving presets:
You can save two different type of character detail presets, one containing clothing items and another one containing linked atoms (such as linked CustomUnityAssets).
First type in a unique name for your preset and then press the save preset button.

* 1.1a Clothing preset: To save a clothing preset press the 'Save Clothing Preset: Save preset' button. All enabled clothing items for the active person will be included in the preset. Make sure to remove any clothing items that's not part of the character look (only keep hair, nails enabled etc...)

* 1.1b Linked atom preset: To save a linked atom preset press the 'Save Linked Atom Preset: Save preset' button. All linked atoms that this plugin is configured to handled will be included in the preset. So make sure you have the presets aligned correctly.

* 1.2 Loading presets:
Press either the Replace or Append button. Replace will remove any existing presets loaded earlier for the active person while append will keep existing presets intact.

* 1.3 Auto load triggers:
The strength of this plugin is that it can load all these character detail presets automatically as you change looks, no need to access this plugin interface afterwards. This is done by setting up auto load triggers.
An auto load trigger will activate based on a morph on the character and load a preset. The idea is that a unique look will have a unique morph. Once configured, it's easy to load new looks
* To create an auto load trigger: Scroll to the "Manage auto load triggers" section. Select a unique trigger morph for your look and select a preset and press the 'Add Trigger' button. You can set up multiple triggers for the same trigger morph.

Next time you change appearance all presets set up with auto load triggers with that look will be loaded automatically, whether it being linked CustomUnityAssets or clothing items.

If you don't have a unique morph for your look, you can use an empty morph together with your look (I created this package with empty morphs for this use case https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/empty-morph-set.546/). Plugins such as MorphMerger can be used to create unique morphs that you can use with your look and auto load triggers.

* 1.4 Press any yellow button/label for additional help.

The following images shows the plugin interface even if it's from an older version (GUI interface is similar but not exactly the same):
Quick start guide: Preview images:
Loading presets using the FileBrowser

Version history:

Changelog v.1.9 (var .9):
* Remove a left-over debug log message.
Changelog v.1.8 (var .8):

* Fixed auto load triggers using clothing item presets not always working as intended since the 1.7 update (Oops).
* Doubled the time you have to disable an active clothing item tracked by an auto load trigger. This will make it easier to disable those items if you have low FPS.
* Tweaked so you must click the same clothing item tracked by an auto load trigger twice to disable it and not just click any two clothing item tracked by an auto load trigger.

Changelog v.1.7 (var .7):
* Made it easier to manage your auto load triggers. Added possibility to sort and filter the list of your auto load triggers. Easily sort over morph name, preset name or current active triggers (this makes it quicker to find a specific trigger). The auto load triggers can be found in its own section now in the plugin interface.
* Added support for SubScene atoms (and a few other atom types, activate additional atom types in the options).
* Added a feature that reuses existing assetUrls from other loaded CustomUnityAssets when loading a new CustomUnityAssets if the assetUrl uses the same filename for the assetbundle. This is to avoid errors when trying to load the same assetbundle file but from another destination (different .var packages including the same assetbundle for example). This option assumes that same filenames share the same assetbundle file. You can disable this from the options.
* Fixed a bug where triggers wouldn't always activate if they used a morph with the same name as another morph from different .var package or destination (different .var packages including the same morph for example).
* Fixed a bug where multiple triggers wouldn't load multiple presets correctly if the different presets shared same atomUids.
Changelog v.1.6 (var .6):
* The "Post Waiting" time now always ticks while in Play mode.
* If the initial opening of the FileBrowser fails this plugin will try again for a smoother user experience in VaM
Changelog v.1.5 (var .5):
* FileBrowser can be used to browse and select presets (just leave the "Select Preset" selector blank).
* Dropdown selectors updated to filtered dropdowns.
* Saving a preset now prompts you to take a screenshot which will be shown in the FileBrowser.
* Fixed a bug where auto load triggers wouldn't trigger properly when loading another gender.
* Fixed a null-ref when selecting an atom linked to a non-existing parent atom.
Changelog v.1.4 (var .4):
* Updated to work with VaM
Changelog v.1.4 (var .2):
* Loading/Creating presets will automatically suggest that preset in the "auto load preset" option.
* Some error handling to improve stability when atoms are removed automatically.
Changelog v.1.4 (var .1):
* Added support to create clothing item presets for character details and keep them enabled if set up with auto load triggers: allowing the character clothing item details to stay enabled even if loading other clothing presets that would normally disable the character clothing item details.
* Plugin only check for changes in Edit Mode by default (you can enable it to run in Play Mode too in the options).
* Minor changes to the GUI interface.

* ⚠Preset folder remains in the same location as before (Custom/Scripts/Blazedust/CUAManager/presets) to be easily backwards compatible with older versions that wasn't a .var package. If you intend to remove the CUAManager v.1.3 in the Custom/Scripts/Blazedust/CUAManager folder just don't remove your presets! ⚠

My use cases:
I have created presets for linked CustomUnityAssets to automatically load together with looks that use them for hair/horns/wings/tails. It's all automatic.
I have set up clothing item details such as brows/nails/enhanced-eye-details to be enabled for some of my other looks using auto load triggers. This makes the clothing items stay enabled even if I keep changing clothing presets to other ones.
I have set up clothing item "Iris Reflection" to be enabled for any look I load. They just add so much more life to any character.
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Latest reviews

Awesome and essential!
Essential plugin to manage your assets quick and painless, very easy to align assets onto a body parts!
Its a must for vam. very helpful for managing customunityassest.
Well designed plugin with a nice UI. Essential when putting together scenes using custom unity assets.
Essential plugin for me. Prior to VaM 1.2, this was the most comprehensive way of comfortably storing/loading atoms at positions & orientations relative to bodynodes - mostly because VaM's 'save preset' options didn't offer more than rudimentary functionality for some atom types. Still not sure that the new SubScene atom will replace CUAM for me.

I also like the thoughtful way the GUI is set up wrt handling linked atom's storables.

One thing I'd very much like to see in (possible) future CUAM versions is the ability to store/reload groups of atoms (i.e. a parent atom with its children), with the parent atom's position & orientation relative to the bodynode it is linked to determining the position & orientation of the other atoms in the group. This would be particularly usefull for animation patterns and their associated animation steps.
CUAManager version 1.7 adds support for SubScene atomtypes (enable them first in the options). I don't know if that's exactly what you're looking for but I have found some use cases for myself for SubScenes with this plugin.
Really good and much needed since Vam clothing don't render correctly objects like piercing or gags.
This is a great plugin, I have a ton of characters with asset parts and it's now a breeze to put them in any scene I want without all the hassle of lining up and re-attaching the assets every time.
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