1. Handcuffs

    Plugins Handcuffs 5
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    This is a major rewrite of a plugin to control handcuffs, to make it much easier to use, more robust, and more efficient. I also added a subscene (cuffed woman), pose (hands behind back), CUAManager preset, and simple demo scene for ease of use. adjusted UI to simplify opening and closing...
  2. Resource icon

    Plugins [Tool]Resource Extractor: Fully automatic extraction of various Presets 1.1

    Description: This application will extract various resources contained in a VaM scene as a Preset file in one go. In simple terms, this is a tool to automatically generate the following from a VAR Package. Appearance Preset, Clothing Preset, Hair Preset, Morph Preset, Skin Preset, and Preset...
  3. Z

    How to pin any atoms and make them unselectable?

    Recently downloaded a lot of character models using asset hair. So I use CUAManager to import hairstyles when I want to use my own character models in other scenes. But if I need to adjust the character's head, I often accidentally select the asset hair and move it, which is very annoying to...
  4. MVP's guide to CUA Manager

    Guides MVP's guide to CUA Manager

    Don't you just hate it when you spend your hard earned money on large breasted women for VAM, and when you try to load them in a scene getting piped, they end up looking like Walter White? It seems fruitless, like you wasted your money. But thankfully there's an answer to all of this. And I'm...
  5. CUA Superglue

    Plugins CUA Superglue 1.0.2
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    Stick your CUAs where they belong! Automatically remove lag from all CUAs attached to Person atoms, such as hair and accessories. Look: Devil Mercy by OniEkohvius (not included) Using this plugin Add the plugin as a Session plugin. One instance is all you need! Any more will cancel out the...
  6. S

    Appaerence Presets and the use of CUAManager?

    Hey. I just reinstalled VAM because my old folder was a mess and i wanted to use that new "appearence preset" instead of the legacy "load/save look" tab. Now i tried to save a character via the appearence preset and created a trigger via CUAmanager. But it seems that i still have to do it...
  7. CUAManager

    Plugins CUAManager 21
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    This plugin requires VAM or later! If you're still using VAM or older (like VAM 1.20.77) download the older plugin version v.17 from the history tab instead or you will get the following error: Type `SuperController' does not contain a definition for `MainHUDVisible' and no...
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